Pope Francis Says He Downs Shots Of Tequila To Dull His Knee Pain

Pope Francis has revealed that while he follows his doctor’s advice when it comes to managing his painful knee, he also has his own approach to treatment: tequila. In a now-viral video, Pope Francis revealed that the occasional shot helps him deal with the discomfort from his bad knee, The AP reports.

  1. He made the confession while riding in the popemobile. Pope Francis was in St. Peter’s Square when he stopped to talk to a group of Mexican seminarians from the Legion of Christ. They asked him how his knee was, to which he replied that it was “capricious.” The group expressed their admiration for Francis’s positive attitude despite the pain.
  2. Pope Francis clearly has a sense of humor. From the popemobile, Francis asked the group: “Do you know what I need for my knee? Some tequila.” The group broke into laughter and said they’d have some sent to the Santa Marta hotel where the Pope lives.
  3. Pope Francis has had a hard time with this knee. The 85-year-old has had strained ligaments in his right knee for many months and has been forced to use a wheelchair and a cane to get around as the injury heals. Doctors also have him participating in physical therapy.
  4. Many have speculated on his health because of his bad knee. After all, 85 is a pretty advanced age, and many have wondered if this was a sign of decline. However, a close collaborator said that Francis is doing “better than ever” and that his physical therapy is actually helping. @He’s in very good health and the same lucid reflection as always,” La Plata, Argentina Bishop Victor Manuel Fernandez tweeted earlier this month after meeting with Francis. “[There’s] a problem in one of his knees, but every day he has more than two hours of rehabilitation, which is producing results. For everything else, he’s better than ever.”

Featured image credit: Casa Rosada (Argentina Presidency of the Nation)

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