The Potty Putter Lets You Play A Round Of Golf While You’re Relieving Yourself

While generally speaking, having a healthy digestive system should ensure your trips to the bathroom are pretty quick, sometimes we end up on the pot a little longer than we’d hoped we would be. When that happens, you can either scroll aimlessly down your phone like you always do or you can switch things up and play a round or two of Potty Putty*. I know which I’d prefer.

It comes with everything you need for a great mini-game of golf. The Potty Putty set comes with a putting green, a cup with a flag, two golf balls, a mini club, and even a “Do Not Disturb” sign for the door since, let’s be real, you’re going to be in there for a long time.

It couldn’t be easier to set up. Unroll the green, set the cup down, and get ready to play. It’s as quick as pulling your pants down and plopping down on the toilet. When you’re done, it’s just as easy to pick up and put away, but just wash your hands before you clean up.

It would make a hilarious gag gift. Whether for the golf lover in your life or for someone who you know loves taking ages in the bathroom, can you imagine anything better for their next birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion than a Potty Putter? I think not.

For $9.99, it’s a total bargain. Sure, it’s technically just a gag gift and likely not something you’ll be using it for years to come, but hey, maybe you will! It’s hilarious, fun, and anyone who visits your bathroom can take part in the game. I feel like every bathroom should have a Potty Putter and I just ordered one for my own. They’re available on Amazon and you can get yours HERE.

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