TikTok Bride Demands Guests Dress Like Runway Models Among Other Intense Rules

An Australian woman has gone viral on TikTok after outlining her list of strict rules for guests at her upcoming wedding. Valentine, who posts as @pinkpartypunch, will not only be banning phones and kids at the ceremony (not a bad idea, to be honest), but she also expects those who attend to basically dress like supermodels.

  1. It’s the “no kids” thing people seem to have the biggest problem with. While Valentine herself was pregnant at the time of posting the video, she was adamant about not wanting little ones at her nuptials besides her own child. “My partner and I have copped so much s–t over the rules we have for our wedding in February,” she said in the video,” she said. “This is the one that caused most of the stir, not having any children except our own son at our wedding. This is for a lot of reasons. But the main reason is that we only have 50 seats, we’re getting married in a registry, and both of our families are quite large.” In other words, if everyone brought their kids, there wouldn’t be enough seating for actual adult guests.
  2. She’s also got rules about when people get to drink. While the couple’s reception is starting at 2 p.m., she admits that she and her husband-to-be “really don’t want everyone to be legless and going home in a taxi before the night has even begun. We want everyone to look good in the photos, feel good, and for the bar tab to last into the night as well.” Because of that, the bar tab won’t begin until 5 p.m.
  3. No guests are welcome at Valentine’s wedding either. If you get an invite, that’s for you only, so you can’t bring any plus-ones. “This is a bit harsh, but quite frankly it’s the truth. I do not want to be forking out hundreds, if not thousands, for this wedding, to pay for drinks, food and entertainment for someone I don’t even know,” she explained. “I really don’t want strangers to be in the photos as well.” That’s fair enough!
  4. Dress code is NOT casual. She’s instructed guests to “dress to impress” and leave their jeans and casualwear at home. “I want everyone to look like they have just come off the runway at Milan,” she said. “I want formal dresses, tuxedos, suits, ties, whatever. You have to look good in the photos. We are not having jeans and T-shirts my friends.” It’s a shame that you would have to tell people not to wear jeans to a wedding, but some people don’t get it!
  1. Don’t even think about making any big announcements on her wedding day. Valentine will not be having any of that. “If you announce that you are pregnant, or propose at my wedding, or announce you’re engaged, I will drag you out,” she put bluntly. “This is the one day I’ve been looking forward to since I was a little girl, this is not about you. Leave it for another day.” I don’t think that’s unreasonable!
  2. Finally, you won’t be able to post about the wedding until the couple has. While you probably won’t have many photos since no phones are allowed, Valentine said no one should post about the day on social media until she has. “We will do so quite immediately, but just wait to post things. There is no rush,” she pointed out.
  3. Sadly, she got a fair amount of backlash for her list. While I actually think her rules make quite a lot of sense and aren’t all that unreasonable, she got so much hate and backlash that she eventually deleted her original video and decided to take an indefinite hiatus from TikTok due to the bullying she was subjected to. Not good.
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