I’m Pretty Sure I’m Single Because I’m So Amazing

Guys don’t commit to me because they believe that someone like me doesn’t really exist. They think I must be hiding a darker side or putting on an act so they sabotage our connection and push me away. Then they tell me that I deserve someone better than them. WTF?

I’m not materialistic. 

I’m a deep person who overthinks, overloves, overcares, overshares, over-feels. I don’t live on the surface. Superficial things don’t interest me. Money doesn’t hold value in my life, nor do brands and status. Some guys don’t buy it when I tell them I don’t care what they do for a living as long as it’s decent work and something that fulfills them. They think I’m trying to be cool when I say I don’t care about their family’s wealth as long as they come from a good family. The thing is, I actually mean it!

I’m always there. 

I don’t leave them when things get tough. I’m there during the heavy times when they need a friend. I’m there at the events and games that matter to them. I’m there when they fail at the one thing everyone said they won’t succeed in. I’m there when they’re hustling and their life is messy. I’m there when they’re not their best selves. And I don’t leave when they push me away because I know that’s when they need me the most.

I put them first. 

I put their comfort over mine without having them notice because I’m good at it. I get caught up in their problems and what’s going on in their life that I forget about my own issues. I worry about them more than they worry about themselves. I go out of my way to make them feel good, comfortable and happy.

I smother them with love from the beginning. 

I’m the type of person who pours loves into everything she touches. I overwhelm the other person with how I feel about them. I show them how much I care with nop cation whatsoever. I have this belief that love conquers all which always gets me in trouble because I always fall for guys who don’t believe in love.

What you see is what you get. 

I don’t play hard to get or plan out how I’m gonna make a guy jealous. I tell guys how I feel about them and what they mean to me from the beginning. I don’t shy away from what I’m looking for and I’m open about the fact that I want a partnership. I speak my mind instead of being worried about impressing them. I have no problem calling out a guy on his things. In my book, honesty done with kindness is the best policy.

I’m loyal as hell. 

I don’t blame guys when they question if I’m loyal at first because I do the same to them too. Finding someone faithful nowadays is nearly impossible. We’re living in a time where people treat each other poorly. People are becoming loyal to their best interest instead of being loyal to their values. To me, cheating is not a mistake, it’s a choice—and it’s the kind of choice I’ll never make. If I’m talking to a guy, I’m only talking to him. You can have everything in a relationship but if you don’t trust each other, you’re going nowhere.

I only see the good in guys. 

Many of the guys that I’ve met don’t understand that I see the best in them because it’s in my nature. I was raised to always look for the best in people and appreciate their beauty. Guys think I lie to them about how much I admire them or how sexy I think they are. They think I’m telling what they want to hear while I’m just saying how I really feel. It’s been a tough ride to meet a guy who genuinely believes me when I say he’s the best thing ever. Maybe I’ve been hanging around insecure guys instead of the confident ones.

I’m happy all the time. 

I’m always in a good mood. I identify myself as a positive person. I focus on my blessings instead of what I’m missing so the guys I date assume that my life is perfect. I don’t come to them with what’s wrong with my life, I don’t make my problems a thing, and I don’t talk about the things that weigh me down. They always think that I have an easy life and that everything is OK with me. I mean, that’s just unrealistic!

I don’t need a man in my life. 

I was raised by a single mom. I grew up with a strong, independent, fearless female lead in my life that I’ve never felt like I needed a man to fill in the gaps because my mom did it all—and she taught me to do it all myself. If I choose a man to be my partner, I choose him out of desire, not out of need or fear of being alone. Because of this, many guys feel insignificant because I can manage without them just fine.

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