Pringles Is Releasing A Pickle Rick Flavor For ‘Rick And Morty’ Fans Everywhere Kellogg's

Pringles Is Releasing A Pickle Rick Flavor For ‘Rick And Morty’ Fans Everywhere

It’s hard to believe that Super Bowl LIV is just around the corner. I hate football and I never watch the game (only the halftime show), but I do love snacks and will take any excuse to indulge in them that I can. This year, there’s a whole new food to graze on come Feb 2, 2020: Pickle Rick Pringles, inspired by Rick and Morty. TELL ME MORE.

Pringles and Adult Swim teamed up for the snack. Everyone loves Rick and Morty, so to Pringles, it seemed like a no-brainer for the brand to work with the network to come up with a very pickle-y chip. “We want to do something completely new for the brand for the 2020 Big Game and are thrilled to be partnering with Adult Swim and Rick and Morty, a show which continues to grow in popularity year after year and enjoys a cult fan following,” said Gareth Maguire, senior director of marketing for Pringles, in a press release.

What’s the deal with Pickle Rick? If you’re not a fan of Rick and Morty, I implore you go to watch some episodes NOW. In the meantime, the Pickle Rick reference is due to scientist Rick Sanchez turning himself into a pickle just so he can get out of attending family therapy. Ergo, Pickle Rick was born.

They should be out in time for the Super Bowl. Pringles will be debuting a new 30-second ad during the game, which will literally have cost them millions of dollars, but they’re also bringing out the Pickle Rick Pringles about that time as well. In fact, you should see them on your grocery store shelves in the weeks leading up to the big game.

Pringles did already have a pickle flavor… It was called Screamin’ Dill Pickle and it was released in 2018. It’s unclear whether Pickle Rick is the same flavor in different packaging or a new and improved upgrade on that formula, but the only way to tell is to pick up a tube or 10 when they hit shelves early next year.

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