Man Pays Prostitute With Check That Bounces, Calls Cops, Then Ends Up Arrested Norfolk Police Department

Man Pays Prostitute With Check That Bounces, Calls Cops, Then Ends Up Arrested

In perhaps one of the most idiotic yet hilarious tales of ineptitude ever, a 23-year-old Nebraska man was arrested for solicitation of prostitution after complaining to police about being pursued over a bounced check he gave as payment to a sex worker whose services he used. Wyatt Walker is probably regretting his stupidity now, bless his heart.

It all started innocently enough. According to police records, Walker met 20-year-old Emma Fuhrman on an online dating app in late January and after agreeing on a price for sex, the two made plans to meet up. “[Walker] picked [Fuhrman] up and returned to his Norfolk residence for the sexual encounter,” Norfolk Nebraska Police Division said in a release. “The male gave the female a personal check for an agreed-upon price, and the two parted ways.”

The check was no good. While it’s rather unconventional in 2020 for anyone to pay for anything via check (or for anyone, especially a sex worker, to accept checks as payment), that’s what happened here. Unfortunately, every time Furhman tried to cash the check and get her money, she couldn’t because the check bounced thanks to insufficient funds.

Who could blame her for wanting her money? Fuhrman and Hans V. Berg decided not to take the L on this one and instead both headed over to Walker’s house with another man to get the money Fuhrman was owed. While there, Berg apparently threatened to kill Walker if he didn’t pony up double the originally agreed-upon fee, and once they left, Walker called police.

Calling the police was a mistake. Once the police got wind of Walker’s incredible story, he was arrested for solicitation of prostitution. However, Berg was also locked up for “terroristic threats, and theft by extortion ($501-$1,499).” The case is still open and further charges may be filed in the coming weeks, but let this be a lesson: don’t accept checks for sexual favors (or anything else, for that matter) and if you do and it bounces, maybe just accept the loss and move on.

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