Pub Landlord Sparks Backlash For Hosting ‘Out Of Touch’ Topless Barmaid Night

Pub Landlord Sparks Backlash For Hosting ‘Out Of Touch’ Topless Barmaid Night Google Maps

A pub landlord in the UK has drawn fury from members of the community for hosting an “out of touch” topless barmaid night. Glenn Chadwick arranged the evening at Hardy’s in Dorchester, Dorset and insisted it was “no different from hosting a stag do” or bachelor party. However, that hasn’t convinced many people who believe Chadwick was out of line for the event.

  1. Many claim the event was for men only. Chadwick denies this and said instead that the topless barmaid night was actually arranged for regulars at the bar. Not only that, but those who attended seemed to be big fans of the night.
  2. It was so successful, Chadwick planned a second night. On this one, bar staff wore “sexy outfits” to serve drinks to customers. Many people complained about how degrading this was to women, but Chadwick wasn’t having it. In fact, he insisted that half the customers were wearing less than the barmaids anyway.
  3. Only one woman was ever topless. As Chadwick told Bridport News, the first night, held February 26, featured a single topless barmaid from 10 p.m. to midnight. “The following week, two women worked behind the bar were supposed to be topless, but instead just wore sexy outfits, but were not topless,” he explained. “I have spoken to licensing at Dorset Council and they have told me I’m legally allowed to do it. It’s no different to having a stripper come in for a stag do.”
  4. If he wants to, Chadwick can host further evenings like this. Local licensing bosses will allow him to hold a topless barmaid night or similar once every 28 days. He is limited to hosting a maximum of 11 per year. “I would tell people who have a problem to not come to these nights out,” Chadwick said. “No one is forcing them to. The events were held between 10 p.m. and midnight, and they were not for men only.”
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