9 Reasons It Was So Easy To Say Goodbye To My Ex

Some relationships run their natural course, some end because of cheating scandals, and some are cut short due to unforeseen circumstances (like job offers across the country). Then there are other relationships that have to be nipped in the bud because their other half changes and develops these 9 negative traits. Thanks to my ex, I now have one of these under my belt.

He got too comfortable.

Sure, everybody gets comfortable when they’ve been in a relationship for a while. But there is such a thing as being TOO comfortable with your partner. Like, did I really want to see my ex do a number two because he thought it was OK to leave the bathroom door open? Was I cool with the fact that he made me pop his pimples on a daily basis? No, I did not and no, I was not. In my opinion, there are just some things that don’t need to be seen or done by your other half, regardless of how long that you’ve been together.

He let his personal hygiene slip.

With being too comfortable also came a lack of personal hygiene. My ex was the epitome of “letting yourself go.” Gone was the polished and perfected hunk of a man that I was dating before the two-year mark, and in his place was a scruff who couldn’t even make the effort to brush his teeth in the morning or gel his hair when we were heading to an important event. I mean, this didn’t exactly make me want to jump his bones.

His fashion sense was nonexistent.

With this lack of personal care also came a lack of fashion sense. No, him wearing sweatpants to go out on dates didn’t sit well with me at all, especially being a fashion blogger. Plus, I’d helped him out so much with his outfit choices in the past and he got really good at being able to put things together. When he stopped taking pride in his appearance, it was like a big old slap in the face. All that hard work was undone. *Sob*

He lost the ability (or will) to romance me

The nice guy who used to surprise me with the odd treat and fun date night had completely disappeared. I mean, it’s not like I expect gifts and queen-like treatment ALL the time in a relationship, but I had both of those things much more often in the beginning. Towards the end, his willingness to romance me happened once in a blue moon. Not cool.

He showed a serious lack of initiative.

Speaking of a decreasing effort level, our relationship quickly turned into me having to plan everything and organize us both on my own. In the beginning, he was a superstar and tried really hard when it came to meeting up, calling me, texting me, arranging things—you name it. Towards the end, he seemed to lose all interest in making effort, so I lost all interest in him.

He stopped being interested in having sex.

Ah, the big one. In addition to having the lack of ability to romance me, his willingness to get intimate was practically nonexistent. I think we did the deed once every few months perhaps, and it was awkward as hell each time. I mean, everybody knows that once the sex goes, there’s something seriously wrong with the relationship. In our case, we were doomed for failure as our sex life never got back on track.

He was inconsiderate.

My ex also got super selfish towards the end. He just did his own thing in all aspects of his life and I had to slot in around his wants and wishes. There was no reason, no willingness to compromise, and no regard for my feelings. Basically, it was his way or the highway and I eventually chose the highway. 

He was lazy.

As well as making zero effort when it came to his personal hygiene, appearance, romance, and sex, my ex became a bit of a lazy slob. He spent long periods of time on the sofa playing video games, which wasn’t in his usual character. Sure, he’d always enjoyed playing games, but he’d also enjoyed spending more time with me than them. The switch was flipped pretty quickly towards the end of our relationship. Realizing that I was second priority to the sofa was the wake-up call I needed to throw him in the trash.

He acted like he didn’t care about me.

Ultimately, my ex just stopped caring about me and our relationship and it became kind of obvious. Although it was heartbreaking because we spent almost four years of our lives together, I knew I deserved better. I wanted someone who prioritized me and wasn’t with me just because it was easy or they didn’t have the guts to break it off. In the end, I did both of us a favor.

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