Riverdale Actor Ryan Grantham Says He ‘Regrets’ Killing His Mom

Riverdale Actor Ryan Grantham Says He ‘Regrets’ Killing His Mom The CW

Ryan Grantham, best known for his role as Jeffery Augustin in “Riverdale,” says he regrets killing his mother. The actor has been held in a prison hospital after he shot and killed his mother, Barbara Waite, on March 31, 2020, as she played the piano at home.

In 2022, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 14 years. However, many believe he should never be let out given how meticulously and callously he planned the killing.

According to reports, Grantham rehearsed the murder several times. He filmed himself on a GoPro sneaking up on her with a gun, though he later wrote he was “so sorry” for killing her after he went through with it.

After the murder, he covered his mother’s body with a sheet, surrounded her with candles, and laid a rosary on her piano. He then went out to buy weed and beer and returned home to watch Netflix.

His mother wasn’t the only person on his hit list. Grantham also wanted to kill Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He’d even packed his car up with guns and bullets before deciding to stage a mass shooting at Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver or his school. Thankfully, Grantham turned himself in to the police instead and immediately confessed to his mother’s murder.

Ryan Grantham has developed serious regrets about killing his mom

Grantham has been receiving psychiatric help since going to prison. His lawyer, Chris Johnson, told TMZ that he’s working hard with his psychiatrist and wants to get better. In fact, he believes Ryan Grantham genuinely regrets killing his mom now.

“Mr. Grantham recently advised me that he’s doing well, getting the help he needs, and has gained some insight into what happened and why. He regrets what he did to his mother,” the attorney said.

“He realizes that he has a lot of personal work to do, but he’s dedicating himself to that, so that he can hopefully be a mentally healthy and contributing member of society at some point in time in the future.”

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