Reminder: Being Sensitive Doesn’t Mean You’re Broken

Reminder: Being Sensitive Doesn’t Mean You’re Broken ©iStock/Stock_colors

Some of us women wear our hearts on our sleeves and express our emotions more openly than others. That quality can come with the assumptions that we’re sad or broken, but being women who show our sensitivities and vulnerabilities is actually a good thing, no matter what anyone else says.

  1. Everyone breaks sometimes. Even if your sensitivities are the result of being temporarily depressed or heartbroken, it’s no one’s business but your own. You’re entitled to your feelings and you should never be afraid of showing your weaknesses, because the people in your life who truly care about you will accept all aspects of who you are. We all break down from time to time.
  2. Showing your emotions means you’re secure with them. When you’re able to express how you’re feeling to others, it’s an incredibly scary thing, but it also shows just how brave you are. Showing emotions isn’t an easy thing to do, and a lot of people avoid it at all costs. When you show these vulnerabilities, it shows you’re also completely OK with them and confident in yourself, and that’s pretty admirable.
  3. Crying is totally healthy. Sometimes we all just need a good cry. Whether you’re someone who cries daily, weekly, or once in a blue moon, cleansing yourself of emotions is a really great thing that you should never be ashamed of. Let it out!
  4. Our emotions are the footprint of our experiences. We’re part of a generation that’s so anti-feelings, but it isn’t doing anything for our society to mask true human emotions. Reacting to things that upset us is just the result of our own individual experiences, and it’s what makes each and every one of us uniquely human.
  5. Being sensitive is better than bottling up emotions. Some people do a great job at brushing off their feelings, but not everyone is like that, and many actually carry the weight of the things that upset them until they fester to the point of a giant explosion. When you release your emotions as they come in a healthy manner, you’re just avoiding an unnecessary eruption later.
  6. We could all stand to be a little more honest with ourselves. A lot of us are afraid to cry and get visibly upset purely because we’re afraid of what others are going to think of us. But being more emotional than others would prefer isn’t anything to be ashamed of. It just means you’re more willing to stand in your own truth — and we could all stand to be a little more real.
  7. Everyone is different — there’s no right or wrong way to be. Being emotional isn’t a bad thing, and neither is being someone with the ability to brush things off effortlessly. It just means everyone expresses themselves differently and it’s something we’re sick of being ashamed of.
  8. Don’t let the losers get you down. A lot of people might shame you for your emotions or look down on you because of them. You might question the way you express yourself because of it, but don’t. If you want to cry, swear or just take a day to wallow, you’re totally entitled to it. Don’t let judgmental and rude people make you feel bad about who you are. Embrace your openness and ability to be true to who you are without apologizing for it. You’re not broken, you’re human.