12 Sexual Experiences To Have Before You Die & Why You Should Experiment

We all dream of living out our wildest erotic fantasies, or simply trying something new if things have gotten a bit stagnant in the boudoir. Some are more adventurous than others and will have fulfilled their deepest desires already while imagining new fantasy sex-fests on the daily. Really we should all be on the way to completing our sexual bucket lists so that we can the most pleasure from sex as we possibly can. Here are a few things you should aim to experience.

Sexual experiences you should have before you die

  1. Multiple orgasms that have you screaming the house down Some women find the quest for just that one, elusive orgasm difficult when they’re doing it with somebody else and not just having some fun by themselves. But if those mythical multiple earth-shattering orgasms were indeed possible, wouldn’t it be just dreamy? You should try and find out.
  2. A threesome to give you pleasure from all sides Imagine not one but two bodies worshiping you in the bedroom. Each to their own on this one — it could be two men shagging your brains out, a man and a woman sensually wrapped around you or even two other women to get wet and wild with. The choice really is yours (and your partners’).
  3. Outdoor sex for the ultimate thrill ride There’s nothing more spine-tinglingly exhilarating than the idea of going at it in a place you know you shouldn’t. Spontaneously ripping somebody’s clothes off in a public space where at any moment a passer-by could see just how hot you are sounds kinda amazing, right?
  4. Playing with toys made for grown-ups Everybody should have their own chest of treasures to maximize the pleasure of a hot sesh. Think about it: sex toys are carefully developed to make you come, so why wouldn’t you want to use one to intensify both you and your lover’s pleasure?
  5. Same-sex sex because you can’t stifle that curiosity If you’re even 1% curious, this is one of the must-try sexual experiences to have before you die. So many women want to get down with the vagina these days. Sexual fluidity is here to stay. The same goes if you’re already into chicks. You never know, you might fancy the peen some time – there’s nothing wrong with a little curious exploration.
  6. Squirting like a sex star According to Psychology Today, different surveys have revealed that between 10 and 50% of women ejaculate when they orgasm. Surely most women would love it if they were a member of that group. What better way to show your partner how hard they make you come? Of course, not being able to do this doesn’t mean anything’s wrong with you, but it sure would be fun to try. You can also introduce SchoolofSquirt.com to your partner where he’ll be taught how to make you squirt.
  7. Anal sex, if you haven’t tried it already I challenge you to find a guy that doesn’t want to give it to you through the back doors. A hell of a lot of women like the idea of it too. It’s all about making use of every single one of the erogenous zones to get the best orgasm.
  8. A giant orgy because it sounds so wrong but so right You must have heard of those exclusive parties and clubs where everybody gets up upon each other. People tend to be reserved about that sort of deviant behavior, but just picture a mass of writhing bodies and you know deep down you would love the experience.
  9. Roleplaying because it’s hot even if you feel silly at first Whether your partner wants you to dress up like Princess Leia or you’ve always wanted to feel sexy as a French maid, go for it. Roleplaying may make you feel self-conscious at first. However, throw yourself into the experience. You might be surprised at how hot it is.
  10. BDSM — one woman’s pain is another’s pleasure You don’t want the kind of abusive relationship depicted in “Fifty Shades.” No woman should want that. But introducing some extra naughty role play, some cheeky spanking, or even hardcore BDSM within the realms of a safe experience for consenting adults is high up on the list of fantasies for most.
  11. Swinging The idea of swapping your partner with someone else’s for the night is scary, but it’s also kind of exciting, right? Swinging might be something you only try for a night and never again. Or, you might just discover a new passion that you incorporate into your lifestyle. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  12. Sex that breaks something (just not a bone) Can you really say you’ve gone at it if you haven’t busted a bed frame or put a dent in the wall? Totally wild, uninhibited sex is something you can only share with a partner you truly trust. It’s also some of the most fun.

Why sexual experimentation is so beneficial

couple becoming intimate in bed

  1. It makes you more self-aware. Exploring different sexual experiences can help you figure out and understand your untapped desires as well as your boundaries. This increased self-awareness can make your sex life way more pleasurable, which has a knock-on effect for your overall health and well-being.
  2. You’ll be able to communicate with your partners better. All the sexual experiences you have before you die only serve as lessons. In addition to figuring out what you like and don’t like, you also figure out how to tell your partners that. The more you try, the easier it’ll get to speak up when something turns you on. Same goes for when a partner suggests something you definitely aren’t into.
  3. You’ll have so many more orgasms. Trying out new sexual experiences can introduce you to some intense new ways to orgasm. Of course, not every experience is going to get you off, at least not in any remarable way. However, there are bound to be some things that really get you going.
  4. You can kiss goodbye to sexual shame. Gone are the days in which women had to feel bad about loving sex. By exploring different sexual experiences in a safe and consensual manner, you can cast off any shame you might have had. In its place, you can feel proud of yourself. You push boundaries, keep an open mind, and love trying new things. That’s worth celebrating.

Of course, it should go without saying that sexual experimentation should always be safe and consensual. Wear condoms, communicate with your partners, and stay on the same page. Then, get out there and have fun.

Kelly is a freelance writer and editor from Manchester, UK.