Sexy Texts That Will Turn Him On And Make Him Want You

In a perfect world, you’d be able to meet up with the guy you’re dating/you have a crush on at any time of day or night when you’re feeling horny and have that itch scratched, so to speak. In reality, that’s not always possible, and that’s actually probably a good thing. If you want to build the suspense for the next time you actually are together, why not send him these sexy texts to pique his interest and get him excited for what’s to come?

  1. “I’ve never come like I did last night.” This is obviously the kind of sexy text that you’d send the morning, afternoon, or evening after you were together. Of course, you should never say this to a guy if he rolled over and fell asleep after he finished, leaving you to sort yourself out. However, if the time you shared was actually mind-blowing, he’ll love hearing about it and he’ll want a repeat.
  2. “I miss your hands all over me.” Guys love knowing that whatever they did to you was something you liked. It’s a massive ego boost, so receiving a text that you’re wishing he was touching you again and that you’re basically laying in bed craving him is sexy as hell.
  3. “I had the hottest dream about you last night.” I mean, you shouldn’t lie about this unless you have an incredibly active imagination and can get a story going that he’ll think is sexy. However, any guy will get hot and bothered knowing that they were in your head while you slept. He’ll be desperate to be in your bed in no time.
  4. “I’m just laying in bed and I can’t stop thinking about you.” When you’re laying in bed alone at night and a guy is on your mind, chances are you’re thinking some really naughty things about him. Letting him know this via text could be a segue into some pretty intense, sexy messages, so be ready for it.
  5. “I have a surprise for you later – I think you’ll like it.” The surprise shouldn’t be a bag of Doritos or the fact that you washed his favorite hoodie while he was at work – make it a good one. Feel free to drop him some hints about what you have in mind but don’t give too much away. This will leave him wondering and perhaps fantasizing about what you have planned.
  6. “I wish I wasn’t [whatever you’re doing] – I ‘d rather be f**king you.” This is bold, but if you’ve got the balls to say something like this, you should definitely go for it. It’s a great way to feel empowered and he’ll feel pretty turned on. Hopefully, he’s in a place where he can get some privacy because he’ll definitely need to… sort himself out.
  7. “You’re not going to be able to move after I’m done with you tonight.” Again, this is another sexy text that you’ll have to have the goods to back up, so plan to get buck wild when you see him. He’ll be expecting something different or more intense than your usual session, so this could be a good time to try something new and exciting you’ve always been curious about. Either way, prepare to take charge!
  8. “Ugh, I’m so horny…” Simple but effective. Men are relatively uncomplicated creatures and receiving a message like this paints a pretty clear picture. You want to have sex and you’re choosing to tell him about it, therefore you obviously want to have sex with him. You’d be surprised what a massive effect this can have on a guy.
  9. “I just came so hard thinking about you while I got myself off.” Get it, girl! This shows that not only do you know your own body well enough to give yourself the ultimate pleasure but that he was lucky enough to be the one in your head while you did it. Plus, he’ll assume that it was him being in your head that made the orgasm so good (and maybe it was). Either way, this is a winner.
  10. “I’m not wearing underwear…” This is sexy simply because it’s so suggestive. Maybe you’re not wearing underwear because you just came from a spin class and you never put them under your cycling shorts because they chafe if you do. However, he doesn’t need to know that – he’ll just think you’re trying to get him hot and bothered (and you kind of are).
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