Beauty Blogger ‘Killed Lookalike She Found On Instagram’ To Fake Her Own Death

A beauty blogger is on trial for the murder of her doppelganger in Germany. Shahraban K is accused of stabbing Khahdidja O in the face more than 50 times after seeking a lookalike on Instagram who she could kill in order to fake her own death, The Telegraph reports. Not only was the plot unsuccessful, but Shahraban may now spend the rest of her life behind bars.

According to German police, Shahraban K, German-Iraqi woman, impersonated rapper Lune, claiming he needed dancers for an upcoming music video to lure Khahdidja O, an Algerian beauty blogger, to a meeting.

However, Khahdidja wasn’t convinced. Instead, she sent a message to Lune’s actual account to ask if the other account was actually his. “I hope you can see it [my message] and answer me because I’m very, very unsure… it would be really cool if you could tell me if it’s real or fake,” she reportedly said in a voice note. Lune immediately replied saying, “It’s fake, sister. Don’t answer!”

However, a week later she fell for another of Shahraban K’s ruses, which she cooked up with her Kosovan boyfriend. This time, the plot involved beauty products, though it’s unclear exactly what the pair said to Khahdidja to get her to meet up.

The beauty blogger nearly got away with murder

danube river in ingolstadtiStock/manfredxy
Banks of the Danube in Ingolstadt

German prosecutors have since said that Khahdidja O’s murder was all part of Shahraban’s plot to fake her own death. They believe the killer had been looking for any woman who looked anything like her, with up to five women being approached by the couple but ultimately rejected for not looking similar enough.

Khahdidja met up with Shahraban and her boyfriend and they drove to a forest, where Khahdidja was stabbed more than 50 times in the face. Her body was found lying in the back of Shahraban’s Mercedes by the banks of the Danube. Because her injuries were so horrific, Shahraban’s parents initially identified the body as hers. It wasn’t until an autopsy and DNA test proved the body’s real identity that the truth came to life.

While the exact motive is not yet known, authorities believe Shahraban was likely trying to escape a family dispute by faking her own death.

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