Shark Infested Water Is The Boozy Ocean Blue Cocktail Your Summer Needs

Just because the main part of drinking alcohol is to get wasted (or at least a little tipsy!) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun in the process. This summer, when you’re considering which deliciously boozy cocktails to make for your next backyard BBQ or get-together, may I put forward Shark Infested Waters for your consideration?

  1. It’s basically a boozy blue lemonade. If you’re wondering what in the hell Shark Infested Water actually is, it’s a cocktail created by Delish that’s basically just a fancy blue lemonade with plenty of booze, and what’s not to like about that? It also contains gummy sharks, which adds that fun element I mentioned before.
  2. What do you need to make Shark Infested Water? Write your grocery list now, people, because there are a few things you’ll want to pick up the next time you’re at the store. You’ll need 4 cans of seltzer, some blue Curacao, lemonade, white rum, lemon rounds for garnish, and some gummy sharks, of course (though I suppose you could sub for any other aquatic gummy of your choice).
  3. You’ll need to plan ahead for this cocktail. If you’re planning to enjoy one of these bad boys, you’ll need to plan ahead since the first stage of the recipe is all about making the gummy shark ice cubes. After mixing together some blue Curacao and seltzer, you pour that mixture over a gummy shark in an ice cube tray and freeze it.
  4. Get a big pitcher handy! While your ice cubes are freezing, you can mix up some more seltzer, blue Curacao, lemonade, and white rum in a jug and chill it. Once the cubes are ready, you can pop them in with the other mixture and there ya go! You’ve made a Shark Infested Water cocktail. You’re a boozy genius!
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