Shaveducking Is The Latest Dating Trend To Mess With Your Head

We all have our own preferences and tastes when it comes to dating. And while looks definitely aren’t everything and there has to be more below the surface, there’s no denying that physical attraction is important. If you’re incredibly attracted to men with facial hair but can’t seem to get past it, you may be experiencing shaveducking. Here’s what you need to know about this dating trend.

What is shaveducking?

There’s no denying that dudes with beards are hot. From Chris Hemsworth and Jake Gyllenhaal to Chris Pine and Jason Momoa, there’s something about facial hair that’s just manly and sexy. In fact, a 2022 EarthWeb survey found that out of 2,000 respondents, nearly three-quarters feel more confident and attractive with a beard, while just under a quarter admit to feeling less masculine if they’re unable to grow their facial hair.

Many women are attracted to guys who forgo the razor and embrace the lumberjack look, and for good reason. However, shaveducking is a recently coined term that describes the niggling worry that you’re not really into a guy beyond that amazing beard and you might not really like what’s underneath.

On the flip side, shaveducking could also refer to men who use facial hair as a way to look hotter than they actually are. This is pretty easy considering how well facial hair hides your overall facial structure and features.

For this article, we’ll concentrate on the first definition (which is really the only one that matters, in our humble opinion).

How to know if you’re experiencing it

man with beard outdoor portraitiStock/hobo_018
Portrait of a young handsome man with long hair standing on a street, looking at camera.
  1. You worry you wouldn’t like the guy you’re seeing anymore if he shaved his beard off. He looks great as he is, so why would he ever change his appearance? if you’re experiencing shaveducking, it means you’re likely convinced you’ll no longer be attracted to him if he decided to get rid of his facial hair. It makes sense in a way. You fell for him as he looks now. If he no longer looks like that, you’re no longer feeling it.
  2. You’re turned off immediately by clean-shaven guys. It doesn’t matter how conventionally hot a guy is. If he’s clean-shaven with a face as soft and smooth as a baby’s butt, you’re really not into him. There’s something about it that just gives you the ick. You can’t explain it but you also can’t deny it. It is what it is.
  3. You’ve turned down dates with guys because they don’t have beards. And you’re not ashamed to admit it. Shaveducking sees you immediately shutting down dudes without facial hair without even giving them a second chance. They could be the loveliest, most wonderful men in the world but you’ll never know because you refuse to go out with them.
  4. You only swipe right for men with facial hair of some sort. When you’re strolling through Tinder, the only guys you’d even consider a right swipe for must have facial hair. If they don’t, you’re going to keep swiping left. You don’t even bother to read their profiles because you know you’re not interested.
  5. You’re always complimenting his facial hair hoping he’ll get the hint that it needs to stay. When you’re dating a guy, you make sure he knows how much you love his beard. You compliment him regularly, snuggle up to his facial hair, and make it known that he looks just how you like him. Hopefully, he takes notice.
  6. You try to convince your boyfriends not to shave under any circumstances. You’re not above outright asking him to keep his facial hair. In fact, you might even tell him that if he does shave, you’re going to seriously be upset. While it’s not right to threaten to dump him or tell him he’ll look awful, you might think it.

Is there really anything wrong with preferring guys with facial hair?

Shaveducking, while a bit shallow, ultimately isn’t all that bad. After all, everyone has preferences, and if you like guys with beards, that’s your right. Of course, there’s a chance you could miss out on some great men by judging them simply by their facial hair or lack thereof. However, that’s your prerogative.

That being said, you should never be rude to a guy about his appearance. Just as you’d take offense by men making comments about your looks, you shouldn’t do it to them. Whatever judgmental thoughts you have are better kept to yourself. As long as he feels good in his own skin, that’s all that matters. Whether or not you like it is your problem, not theirs.

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