Signs You’re Already Sexy: Qualities That Make You Hot As Hell

Many women just about kill themselves trying to be sexy, but the irony is that they’re probably already hot. While physical attractiveness does play a part in how attractive we’re deemed by other people, the truth is that non-physical traits also count for a lot. Keep reading to find out the signs that you’re sexy as hell and don’t even realize it.

Knowing that you’re sexy

You’ve heard it a million times before, but confidence is still the sexiest quality a person can have. If you know you’re hot, then it exudes through everything you do. You’ll naturally carry yourself differently, talk differently, and just appear more confident overall. Even though One Direction sang about how attractive it was for a girl to not know she was beautiful, knowing you’re beautiful is definitely better.  That’s not to say that you should be arrogant. Confidence isn’t about thinking you’re better than everyone else. It’s just about knowing that you’re enough.


 Dating gurus put a lot of weight on men needing to feel needed. While there may be some truth to this hero complex, being independent makes you hot. Taking care of yourself and being self-sufficient is an attractive quality in anyone, no matter who you are. By contrast, expecting someone else to take care of you can make you come across as needy, annoying, and hard work.


 While independence is a hot quality, so is vulnerability. And the good news is you can be both. You can be vulnerable while still taking care of yourself. Being vulnerable is about releasing the need to be perfect and opening up. It’s about taking risks and knowing that you might get hurt, but taking a chance anyway. That vulnerability is more endearing than perfection because perfection isn’t real. But vulnerability is something that everyone can relate to.


Compassion and kindness make you sexier than you’d think. The truth is that most of us are attracted to humans that are actually decent. The novelty of the bad guy or girl wears off very quickly once you actually have to do life with that person. Being kind and having integrity will make you shine, especially because a lot of people aren’t great at being kind.


 Along with being kind and compassionate, being selfless is an attractive quality. Thinking of others before yourself is sexy, although people don’t often mention it. Why? The opposite, being selfish, is so unattractive. Not that you have to be a martyr and forget about your own needs. But being selfless involves considering how others feel and taking that into account before making decisions. People who are selfless are typically more pleasant to be around.


 Many people are afraid to be their true selves. Instead, they try to force themselves to fit a pre-designed mould—one that society deems acceptable. So when someone comes along who is unapologetically individual, it’s rare and refreshing. And sexy. Individuality is about confidence, too. It takes a lot of confidence and self-love to let your true self shine. Especially if it doesn’t fit into what’s considered “cool”.


 Most people would agree that ambition is hot at heck. Having a goal and pursuing it diligently tends to be much more appealing than just doing what life tells you to do. It often shows determination, motivation, capability, and open-mindedness. There will be some people who are put off by ambitious women. But you have to ask yourself whether they’re really your kind of people.


 According to Glamour, one of the sexiest traits that few people talk about is courage. Remember that courage isn’t the absence of fear. It’s being afraid and pushing on anyway. Again, courage is relatively rare. So when someone is brave, it’s special. We’re more likely to root for courageous characters in TV and books. And we’re also more likely to be attracted to courage over cowardice.


Some women feel that they have to dumb themselves down to be attractive to men. There are undoubtedly men out there who can’t handle women who are smarter than them. But, again, this probably isn’t the kind of guy you want to attract anyway. Actually, intelligence is a quality that makes someone more attractive. Research has shown that people would rather be with someone who is as smart if not smarter than themselves, rather than being with someone of a lower intellect.

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