Single Is The New Normal — There Are Finally More Of Us Than Married Women

Living the single life isn’t always fun, but these days, it’s pretty much the norm. For the first time in US history, single women outnumber married women, so if you haven’t found your perfect partner yet, you’re anything but alone. It’s a single girl’s world out there now, and this is why you should be happy to live in it:

  1. You’re not the odd woman out. Even if you’re well past your twenties, you probably still have a few friends who’ve avoided getting hitched. So many women out there are single that nowadays, you’re far less likely to be the ninth wheel at your friends’ get-togethers, and you’re definitely not going to be considered weird just because you aren’t dating anyone. You’re just part of a huge group of women who either haven’t found love yet or just don’t care to look.
  2. There’s less pressure to settle down. Back in our parents’ and grandparents’ days, there was a lot more societal pressure to hurry up and get married and pop out a few kids. Now that most women are single, though, far fewer people give a crap about what you choose to do with your life. While there are still some people who are stuck in the 1950s and think that anyone who’s single past thirty is destined to become a spinster, most people aren’t going to bat an eye if you’re choosing to live up the single life instead of searching for a husband.
  3. Your independence is celebrated more. We’re not quite where we need to be yet, but we as a society have come a long way when it comes to celebrating single women instead of pitying them. We’re seeing more female movie and book characters focusing on their own personal priorities instead of dedicating their lives to their spouse, and casual sex for women isn’t such a taboo subject anymore. While you shouldn’t feel ashamed if you really do want to get married someday, it’s still cool to see single women getting the respect they deserve.
  4. You’ll have more gal pals to hang out with. It’s simple logic: the less time your girlfriends are spending with their significant others, the more time they’ll have for you. Selfish? Eh, maybe. But you can’t deny that having more female friends is a huge plus when it comes to the rise of single women. After all, we all know what a bummer it is when one of our besties gets wifed up and suddenly has no more time for us. Sure, you’re happy for her, but since you also like spending time with people you like, it’s okay to admit that it can bum you out a little. Now that there are so many single women, though, the chances of your squad being dismantled by true love have gone way down.
  5. There are more single men. If you’re one of the many single women out there who IS looking for love or just a casual hookup, keep in mind that all the women out there who are opting to not put a ring on it are leaving a lot of eligible men out there. Most of them aren’t exactly going to be husband material, but whether you’re looking for a night of fun or happily ever after, at least you have more options to choose from.
  6. Your judgmental relatives can bug off. When Aunt Agnes inevitably brings up your lack of a husband at Christmas dinner like she always does, it’s a better time than ever to bring up how MOST women are now showing up to family gatherings without having walked down the aisle. Getting hitched ASAP might have been the norm before, but the times are a-changin’. It may be petty to rub that in people’s faces, but it sure feels good.
  7. There’s less of a stigma with avoiding marriage altogether. Some people really want to get married eventually, and that’s great. Some people never ever want to get married, and that’s also great. The good news is that these days, neither option is really a big deal. So many women are choosing to avoid that white dress life that the stereotype about being a lonely old woman with fifty cats is slowly starting to fade away. If you want to be single forever or just have no interest in making things OFFICIAL-official with your longtime partner, you’re living in the right time period.
  8. Your relationship status doesn’t reflect who you are as a person. This has always been true, but now, it’s more apparent than ever. Lots of us might wonder why we’re still alone when so many other women are in loving relationships, but given that more women are single than married now, it’s pretty clear that being single doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. You’re part of a VERY large group that either hasn’t found the right person yet or simply doesn’t want to, so embrace your singledom and all the women who are right there with you.
  9. You can be complete all on your own. There has never been a woman who was incomplete without a man, and today’s generation is seeing that more than ever before. Being a single woman in the USA hasn’t always been easy (and sometimes it still isn’t), but now, there’s no reason to worry about what might become of your life if you don’t find the right man. As countless women are proving, it’s more than possible to have the life, career, and family of your dreams whether or not you’re coupled up.
Averi is a word nerd and Brazilian jiu jitsu blue belt. She's currently hanging out in Costa Rica with her cat and a lot of really big bugs.