The Sooner You Stop Obsessing Over Guys, The Happier You’ll Be

Lots of us out there are a little boy crazy, but occasionally, your love for men might get in the way of your happiness. It might take a little work to stop investing so much time and energy into guys, but once you do, your life will change for the better.

  1. You can focus on yourself for a change. Stop looking for happiness in other people and start creating your own. If you’re constantly going certain places or doing certain things because it’s what someone else wants, you’re neglecting your own needs. Start focusing on yourself — figure out what makes you happy, find a new hobby, and stop caring what other people think about you. Your own happiness comes first, and the rest will follow.
  2. You’ll create better relationships with your friends. If you’re boy-crazy, you might spend a lot of your time talking about them, stalking them on social media, or trying to date them. This can get annoying after a while and can be an easy way to push your closest friends away. If you stop obsessing over guys you’ll be able to connect with your friends on a deeper level and talk about things you have in common, which creates lasting memories and stronger friendships. Plus, you’ll probably be more fun to hang out with.
  3. You won’t look so desperate. It’s not cute to have a high school crush on every guy you meet. In case no one’s told you, hearing you obsess over some dude you just met is annoying, and it makes you seem desperate. Don’t be that girl who will fall for any guy just because he smiles at you.
  4. You’ll see yourself differently. Taking a step back from your normal day-to-day life will give you a new perspective on everything. You may realize you’ve been acting like someone other than your true self or that your actions are somewhat embarrassing. Looking at a situation from a different angle is always a good way to reevaluate and make your situation better.
  5. You can enjoy being single. Being single doesn’t have to suck. Sure, no one wants to end up alone, but being single for a period of times in your twenties is great — as long as you have the right mindset about it. You can have fun, enjoy a stranger’s company, dance the night away, and maybe even dabble in something with no strings attached. Being single can be really fun, so give it a try.
  6. You’ll avoid anything forced. If you’ve been wanting a boyfriend and spend your time obsessing over guys who suck, changes are you’ve been forcing a lot of terrible relationships. Nothing is fun about forced conversation or anything more than that, and it never really works out — as you’ve likely experienced time and time again.
  7. You’ll have higher standards. Once you take a step back and realize there’s a lot more to life than searching for a man, you’ll be able to see things differently. You’ll realize that you’ve been settling for guys who aren’t in your league and don’t deserve your awesomeness. When you’re ready for a serious relationship, you won’t settle for anyone who doesn’t meet your standards.
  8. You won’t have to deal with creepy guys. How many guys have you met that seem great on paper or their Tinder profile, but end up totally creepy when you actually meet them? They won’t take a hint, they won’t leave you alone, and they won’t back off. Even though it’s never your fault when a guy acts like this, you might be attracting the wrong people if you’re so desperate and obsessed with finding a man that you would go on a date with anyone who swiped right.
  9. Almost relationships will become a thing of the past. Almost relationships are the worst. They can be even more heartbreaking than an actual relationship because you’ve built up this imaginary perfect relationship in your mind with no real basis on what it would actually be like. They’re harder to get over because nothing bad ever happened. Once you stop obsessing over being in a relationship, you won’t have to worry about almost relationships anymore.
  10. Guys will actually be more interested in you. Have you ever noticed that the guys you’re into hardly ever notice you? You can turn the tables on that situation. As soon as you stop paying attention, lots of guys will become more and more interested in you. Whether it’s because you seem mysterious to them or it’s because they want what they can’t have, this always seems to happen.
  11. You’ll find love when the timing’s right. It sounds cliché, but love will find you when you stop looking for it. You’ve seen this in every cheesy rom-com ever, but somehow it seems true in real life, too. As soon as you take your focus off finding a relationship, the right guy will just fall into your lap. He will be right, the timing will be right, and you’ll be happy!
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