Spotify Launches Personalized Playlists For Your Pets To Keep Them Company When You’re Not Home

Spotify Launches Personalized Playlists For Your Pets To Keep Them Company When You’re Not Home

While it would be great to be able to stay with our furry (or feathered/gilled/scaled) friends 24/7, unfortunately, most of us have to leave the house and go to work, visit family and friends, go to the gym, etc. When that happens, we hate to think that our pets are lonely, which is why it’s so awesome that Spotify has launched personalized pet playlists to keep them company while we’re out.

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  1. Most of us play music for our pets anyway. According to a survey of 5,000 people from the UK, US, Australia, Spain, and Italy, roughly 71% of us play music for our pets, and 8 in 10 of us believe that our pets actually like it. Classical and soft rock are the preferred genres, but given that our pets can’t actually tell us what they like, we may be stabbing in the dark here.
  2. We sing to and dance with them too. Admittedly, I’m always singing made-up songs to my dog and sometimes I even make him dance around the kitchen with me when he lets me pick him up. I’m not alone in that — 69% of pet owners sing to their animals and 57% dance with them.
  3. We really, really love our animals. A whopping 84% of people surveyed said that their pet “completes their life” and 53% said they’d choose their pet over their partner if it came down to it! That’s pretty intense.
  4. Why shouldn’t they get to listen to some tunes too? About 46% of people believe that music can be a stress-reliever for their pet, and I agree. More than anything, we leave the radio on for our dog when we go out because the noise is a distraction from all the other sounds (people driving by outside, kids screaming – our dog is super anxious/hyperactive) and it keeps him company. And now that Spotify is doing pet playlists, we have something new to play him.
  5. Spotify offers playlists for dogs, cats, hamsters, iguanas, and birds. That covers a good majority of pets, though it’s missing out on rabbits and fish, just off the top of my head. However, I’m sure they can just listen to one of the other lists.
  6. So how does it work? You answer a few questions telling Spotify about your pet. From their personality type – whether they’re shy or friendly, relaxed or energetic, etc. From there, you can add a picture of your pet to keep with the personalized playlist and they’ll recommend songs they believe will be good for your little buddy.
  7. You can keep it in your Spotify account and share with people. If you know someone else who might like your pet’s playlist, you can share with them as you would share any Spotify playlist. You can add songs you want to the playlist or get rid of the ones you’re not that into (or your pet isn’t). It’s a bit of a novelty offering, but I can’t lie, it’s totally fun. You can set yours up HERE.

spotify pet playlists

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