Starbucks Customer Who Asked For ‘No Ice’ Gets Cup That’s Less Than Half Full

A TikToker claimed that when she asked for “no ice” in her iced drink at Starbucks, the barista handed her a cup that was less than half full. According to @chronicavida, she hit up a Starbucks location inside a GE store and ordered an iced latte, just without the ice. However, she was shocked when her drink was actually nearly empty. Even worse, when she asked the barista to fill it up, she was told she’d need to pay 70 cents extra for that.


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  1. Starbucks baristas don’t play around. One of the most amusing things about the whole situation to the TikToker was that the barista was 100% serious when she gave her the drink. “I’m crying, I asked for no ice, and she gave me this with a straight face,” @chronicavida captioned the video. She also included a trio of clown emojis to express her amusement at the situation.
  2. Millions of people have watched (and cracked up at) the video. Since it was uploaded, more than 3 million people have seen the video, and thousands have taken to the comments section to laugh, vent, and some to tell @chronicavida off. Others offered helpful explanations, like one person who commented that the cup likely wasn’t very full since she ordered an espresso-based drink, which is often largely ice. However, the TikToker still didn’t agree with the extra charge, responding, “It was a latte. So there’s espresso in it obviously but why was she wanting to charge me extra for the milk?”
  3. Others thought the move was deliberate by the Starbucks barista. “POV: Starbucks starting this trend to stop us from ordering no ice,” one person wrote. A third person added: “Same as going to a bar and getting a cocktail no ice. You’re not getting extra alcohol for standard price, same goes for coffee.”
  4. Some Starbucks baristas even came on to comment. Most of them seemed amused by the situation rather than apologetic. “Kinda controversial but this makes me so happy as a Starbucks employee LOL,” one person wrote. Another added, “Please, my coworkers do this sometimes, or if someone asks for a surprise drink we give them water.” A third was more pragmatic, explaining, “There are recipes and measurements for all the drinks… we can’t just make new measurements when you ask for no ice.”

Bet she won’t skip the ice next time!

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