Evil Stepmom Who Killed 16-Month-Old Girl Told Fellow Inmates: ‘I’ve Buried Three More Babies’ West Yorkshire Police

Evil Stepmom Who Killed 16-Month-Old Girl Told Fellow Inmates: ‘I’ve Buried Three More Babies’

Savannah Brockhill, the 28-year-old amateur boxer who cruelly murdered her partner’s 16-month-old daughter, has reportedly been making sick jokes about her crimes to fellow inmates. Brockhill, who was sentenced to a minimum of 25 years in prison last month over Star Hobson’s death, is currently serving her time at HMP Styal in Cheshire. There, she’s said to have upset even hardened criminals by claiming that she’s “buried three more babies,” according to the Mirror.

Amy Louise Cowan was in prison with Brockhill until just last week. She told the Sunday People that she found the killer “cold and callous” and revealed that she “never once saw her cry” despite having tortured and killed the toddler. Cowan was reportedly there when Brockhill made her sick joke on New Year’s Day.

Brockhill “didn’t care” whether her joke upset people. As Cowan recalled, “Savannah said that there were three more babies buried in a field behind her house.” She went on to say that it could have been a response to the treatment Brockhill has received from her fellow inmates. “She said she was sick of inmates kicking down her door and spitting in her food and that she didn’t care any more,” Cowan recalled.

She’s furious that her former partner won’t serve as long in prison. Star Hobson’s birth mother and Brockhill’s partner, Frankie Smith, was sentenced to eight years behind bars for her role in Star’s killing. While she was not suspected of inflicting abuse on the child, she did nothing to stop Brockhill’s repeated attacks. However, Brockhill believes Smith should be serving more time. “Savannah’s angry that Frankie only got eight years – she says it’s not right,” Cowan revealed.

Brockhill still refers to Star as “my girl.” Despite having mentally, emotionally, and physically tortured Star before killing her, Cowan said that Brockhill still referred to the child as “my girl” and seemed completely disconnected from what she’d done. “She would say things like, ‘I miss my girl, I did everything for her,’ and that she would never intentionally hurt her,” Cowan said. “Then at other times she would say that she had been jealous of Star, and blamed her for causing trouble between her and Frankie.” It’s clear Brockhill has no intention of repenting for her horrific actions or even accepting them at all.

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