This Volkswagen Bus Cooler Will Roll Alongside You All Summer Long

If you have a bit of a secret (or not-so-secret!) hippie side to you and always dreamed of owning your own vintage Volkswagen bus to drive around the country on a journey of the soul a la On The Road, I feel you. I’m also not rich and can’t really afford the real deal, which is why I’ll have to (happily) settle for this Volkswagen bus cooler* from Amazon rolling alongside me this summer.

  1. It has moving wheels! As you would expect from a Volkswagen bus cooler, the bus itself has wheels and the cooler has a handle so you can pull it along with you wherever you go. How great is that? Whether you’re going to the beach, the park, or even just from your kitchen to the back yard, you’ll want this with you.
  2. It definitely looks like an actual Volkswagen bus. Yes, in miniature of course, but still pretty true to the real thing. This cooler, made by Board Masters and sold on Amazon, holds 30 liters of ice and beverages and is fully insulated. It also comes with a lid lock so that it doesn’t come loose and no one steals your drinks. Oh, and the handle and other parts are made of anti-rust steel so you don’t have to freak out if it starts raining. Plus, when you’re done having fun and the ice is melted, there’s a drainage plug for getting rid of the water.
  3. Yes, it’s official Volkswagen merchandise. This isn’t some weird, unauthorized facsimile — the bus cooler is fully licensed, so you know it’s the real deal. The details are made to scale and it really is impressive (not to mention way more fun than your standard plastic rectangular coolers).
  4. The reviews speak for themselves: people love this thing. People who’ve bought the cooler from Amazon have glowing reviews for the item, with one describing it as “well-built and an eye-catcher.” Another added that it’s the “coolest cooler ever!” and frankly, I agree.
  5. Get yours now before they sell out. The Volkswagen bus cooler is available from Amazon for $349.99 HERE. You’re in for the best summer ever!

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