Stop Trying To Be Perfect For Men Who Are Far From It

Perfection doesn’t exist. Even if your boyfriend comes pretty damn close, it doesn’t mean that you have to bust your ass to feel like you’re good enough for him. In a relationship, you get what you give, so why are you trying so hard to give things that you’re not getting?

  1. He doesn’t have a perfect body. Women tend to stress over every inch of their figures, regardless of whether or not their boyfriend has a six pack or a beer belly. Even women who are way out of their boyfriends’ league are constantly worried about not being sexy enough, instead of realizing how lucky their guys are to have them. Ironically, being confident about how you look is probably sexier than losing a couple inches around your waist anyway.
  2. He’s not smarter than you. So maybe your boyfriend is better than you at math, but you’re better read than he is. So? Having different strengths doesn’t mean that one of you is better than the other. Just bond over the topics that you’re both knowledgeable in and laugh about the topics that you both don’t know stuf about.
  3. He’s got plenty of baggage. We all have someone from our past who gave us trust issues, or perhaps someone who bullied us in school. Everyone has scars, and it’s more important to feel like you’re with an equal that can be vulnerable with you than with a robot who isn’t phased by anything. In fact, sharing fears with one another will strengthen the relationship in the long run.
  4. He’s not always put together. You don’t always have to put on makeup or smell like a rose. Most men try to pass off swim trunks as shorts and cover three days of not showering with a cologne, so why are you putting so much pressure on yourself to look good for him at all times?
  5. He has insecurities too. Don’t assume that your boyfriend is always looking for the negatives in you or that he even notices them to begin with. He’s a human being with his own insecurities. He’s probably focusing on his own flaws and hoping you don’t notice.
  6. He also gets jealous. Just because he doesn’t like it when you get jealous doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get jealous himself. Men are simply more likely to suppress these emotions than women are. Next time you see him innocently talking to another girl at a party and feel uncomfortable, just remember that he experiences the same emotions when the tables are turned.
  7. He’s not the best out there. I don’t mean this to sound cruel. I’m simply pointing out that there will always be someone out there who is smarter, better looking, more athletic, etc. than both of you. Dating is not about filling out requirements on a checklist — it’s about how someone makes you feel. If he’s dating you, then you make him feel something special.