Stray Cat Brings Kittens To Meet Woman Who Gave Her Food And Water

Stray Cat Brings Kittens To Meet Woman Who Gave Her Food And Water Chatons Orphelins Montréal

A Canadian woman who gave food and water to a stray cat was astonished to see that the feline she helped had brought her new kittens for a visit. Lisianne, from Québec, first saw the cat in her garden over the summer and noticed she looked famished. She ended up developing a special bond with the cat, who The Dodo reports she named Usagi, and the animal continued to visit her on a daily basis. Now, they’re the best of friends, and Usagi’s beautiful kittens have made an appearance too!

Chatons Orphelins Montréal

  1. Usagi gave birth but continued to visit Lisianne. Local rescue group Chatons Orpehlins Montreal shared the special friendship in a Facebook post, writing, “This lady with a big heart for this cause was watching her, she put food and water in order to help her… a routine has settled between this kitty and her good fairy. With this routine, the lady gained her confidence and the kitty started getting closer.” They added: “Lady and cat mom have developed a beautiful relationship of trust.”
  2. The kittens were introduced to Lisianne one by one. Usagi decided to set up her nest close to Lisianne’s house and one by one she brought the kittens and placed them on the woman’s porch. However, Lisianne couldn’t bear them being outside anymore, so she brought mom and her six kittens inside to keep warm and comfortable.
  3. Lisianne decided to offer Usagi a forever home. The five kittens went to Chatons Orphelins Montreal to be offered up for adoption, though her friend did take one of them. “The five babies are the same, they were all tufts of black hair. There were three females, Taylor, Tynie and Tyana, along with two males, Tales and Tito,” the rescue group wrote.
  4. Looks like these kitties will all have a happy ending. Here’s hoping they find wonderfully loving, happy homes just like Usagi will have now!

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