The Struggles Of Being A Woman Who Hates Cuddling

The Struggles Of Being A Woman Who Hates Cuddling ©iStock/a-wrangler

Cuddling can be absolutely incredible if you’re deeply in love. When you’re falling fast, the idea of being (almost) as close as humanly possible to someone is intimate and adorable. When it’s a guy you’re not sure about, or a guy you would rather not see again, cuddling is the most disgusting endeavor on the planet. However, some women just aren’t into it under any circumstances. These are the struggles all women who need their space go through when a guy pulls you close.

  1. It really creeps you out. If you happen to be spending time with someone you don’t know that well yet, the fact that he’s all over you can be a bit overwhelming — especially since you might not be feeling an emotional connection at all, and cuddling forces one.
  2. Guys expect you to love cuddling because of the girls in movies. Like most things in romantic comedies, cuddling is completely different in real life. In the movies, no one has morning breath, the sheet manages to form a perfect L and cover everyone’s naughty bits accordingly, and you never run out of things to talk about. In other words, they’re BS and untrue in real life.
  3. It’s way too intimate. Of course, actual sex is as intimate as you get, but there’s something even closer about being wrapped up in someone’s arms… especially when you’re trying to sleep. If you’re questioning the relationship, you want space, and cuddling raises even more questions.
  4. It’s not how anyone is used to sleeping naturally. As much as the movies want you to believe that it’s normal to wake up wrapped in someone’s arms, when that actually happens, you’re probably unable to get up to go to the bathroom, end up with a back ache, and wake up super sweaty.
  5. You know it’s an excuse for round two. As much as you’d like to believe cuddling is a cute way to be close someone, with certain guys you just know they’re raring for round two. Sometimes you’re into it, but you’d rather decide for yourself than have someone (or something) nudging against you.
  6. You’d rather cuddle up to Netflix. If you’ve been single for a long time, your bed has two available sections: one for you, and the other for your computer (or your cat, if times are really bad).
  7. In the beginning of a relationship, it’s easier to be able to make a quick escape. Whether you’re over what happened last night already or attempting to secretly sneak out of bed to apply full makeup, when you’re spooned up against someone it’s hard to race out without them noticing.
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