14 Subtle Signs He Sees A Future With You

Wondering if your guy sees a future with you but unimpressed by all the classic signs you’re supposed to be keeping an eye out for? Here are some more unexpected indicators that he wants your relationship to continue for a long time to come.

  1. He isn’t stingy with his money. I’m not saying that this guy has to take you on fancy, extravagant dates every weekend, but if he sees himself settling down with you and potentially even getting married, the amount of money he spends on you isn’t even going to cross his mind. As your relationship progresses, he’ll start seeing his money as your money. He knows he’s investing in his own future too! If he’s intent in splitting everything down the middle, 50/50, he might just be really concerned about being fair, but it could also be a sign that he doesn’t want to invest too much into you.
  2. He adopts a dog with you. Most guys wouldn’t want to bring home a cuddly puppy and get attached to it if they thought you were going to break up soon. Then you would have to decide who gets Fido, and that’s just heartbreaking!
  3. He gives you a key to his apartment. If your guy copies a key for you, that’s a sign he trusts you. He’s letting you come and go as you please into his private space. If he does that, rest assured, he definitely sees a future with you!
  4. He’s told you his deep, dark secrets. If he’s told you things that he’s never told anyone else, that means he sees you guys together for a long time. Guys don’t typically open up and get deep and emotional with someone unless they truly value the emotional intimacy between you, so treasure this for the gift it is.
  5. He gives you his passwords. If you have his Netflix, Hulu, and Instagram password, that’s a good sign. It means he truly doesn’t have anything to hide, and while he knows you wouldn’t use them because you trust him and snooping isn’t your thing, he’d be cool with it if you did.
  6. He says “we” instead of “I.” If he’s referring to you guys as a couple a lot, that means he sees himself with you long-term. This is especially true if he’s using it when referring to long term plans. “In September? That sounds fun, we’ll have to check our work schedules!”
  7. He wants to know about your future plans. He asks questions about what you want out of life and what you plan to do. If it seems like he’s feeling you out when it comes to your future plans, he definitely cares about spending his days with you.
  8. He seems concerned about that big change in your life. If you get an opportunity to travel abroad or move away for a job change and he seems concerned about it, that’s a good sign he’s worried you’re going to leave. Is he researching the new city to see if he wants to move there too? He definitely wants to be with you long term if so!
  9. He doesn’t change the subject when you bring up the future. If you ask him about his future plans or have a serious conversation about marriage, he doesn’t shy away. Instead, he actually seems excited and wants to have the conversation.
  10. He’s cut off any other women that might be a threat to your relationship. If he used to be casual friends with his ex but cut it off when you guys got serious, that’s a sign that he doesn’t want anything to come between the two of you. He’s definitely taking this seriously!
  11. He was quick to put a label on your relationship. If he was quick to call you his girlfriend, this means he wanted to make sure you guys were exclusive. If he continues to move the relationship forward, that’s a positive sign.
  12. You’re always invited to important events. His cousin’s wedding, his best friend’s daughter’s birthday—if he brings you to everything, he’s trying to integrate you into his life. Most dudes only do that with someone they plan on being with for a long time.
  13. He remembers the important things about you. If you guys go out to eat and he remembers that you’re allergic to shellfish and that you prefer red wine over white, take note! He’s been paying attention. He wants to make sure he gets things right and he has made the mental effort to remember these things. He definitely sees a future with you!
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