Taco Bell Is Selling Crispy Tortilla Chicken Tenders To Compete With Chick-Fil-A And Popeyes

Taco Bell Is Selling Crispy Tortilla Chicken Tenders To Compete With Chick-Fil-A And Popeyes Taco Bell

When you’ve been out for a few drinks and you’re starving at midnight, you’ve probably stopped by your local Taco Bell or Popeyes to pick up a midnight snack, depending on what you were in the mood for. If a chalupa gets you going, Taco Bell it is; if it’s fried chicken you’re after, Popeyes is your boo. Well, now you can get both in one place because Taco Bell is selling crispy tortilla chicken tenders!

  1. People really love chicken. As you know, the Popeyes chicken sandwich went crazy recently and people still line up out the door of Chick-Fil-A just for some of their clucky goodness. Why wouldn’t Taco Bell want to get into the chicken game to keep up with their competition?
  2. Taco Bell worked hard on these. According to a rep for the chain, Taco Bell worked on 100 different variations of the recipes before deciding upon the perfect chicken tender. These things had better be good!
  3. To be honest, they sound delicious. Taco Bell’s crispy tortilla chicken tenders are marinated in jalapeƱo buttermilk and then coated in crushed tortilla chip crumbs before being fried. They’re also being served with a new sauce. Those who have tried it revealed that the sauce tastes very similar to Chick-Fil-A’s and Raising Cane’s, according to Business Insider.
  4. They’re out TODAY in select markets. Taco Bell unveiled the tenders on Thursday, November 21, but they may not be at your local restaurant. Instead, the crispy tortilla chicken tenders are currently available only in Dayton, Ohio and Houston, Texas.
  5. So how much do they cost? You can get the tenders inside a taco for $2, or if you want the tenders on their own, you can get two for $3 or three for $4. They’re also available in Taco Bell’s $5 and $7 boxes if you’re feeling extra hungry.
  6. Hopefully they’ll be unveiled in more locations soon. If all goes well in Ohio and Texas, hopefully Taco Bell will bring out their crispy tortilla chicken tenders in ALL locations around the country. I mean, they sound really delicious, right?
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