Ever Wondered Why Guys Are So Obsessed With Boobs? Here Are 12 Reasons, According To Science

Whether they’re in a push-up bra and cleavage-flaunting top or covered up in a turtleneck, boobs are always on men’s brains. According to new research published in Psychology Today, breasts are still the most popular body part searched for on porn sites. Here are some weird, wonderful, and scientific reasons why guys like boobs so much.

  1. They make men think about sexual pleasure. Boob stimulation is arousing for approximately 82% of women, according to a US study. Men know that breasts are a big part of foreplay and sex, so just looking at them probably makes them think kinky bedroom thoughts.
  2. They’re a sign of good health. Your full cleavage that gets so much attention is so appealing to men because they show you’re in good health. You’re basically oozing with fertility. In fact, studies have found that men find large breasts and a large waist-to-hip ratio attractive because of biological reasons: they show that you’ll be great at rearing kids. Um, great.
  3. Are men born with a boob fixation? Some researchers claim that men are born with the idea that boobs are attractive. Other researchers disagree, insisting that it’s more about society than biology. Back in 1951, a study of 191 cultures found that only 13 of them thought breasts were sexually important. Wow! It’s therefore possible that breasts have only come to be seen as sexy because of how they’ve been created in our society. (In other words, Playboy!)
  4. They make men seek instant gratification. Some interesting research has found that when men see breasts or anything related to them, such as Victoria’s Secret bras, they tend to make bad decisions. In one study from the University of Sheffield, one group of men had to watch videos of pastoral scenes, while another group watched videos of women running in slow motion, with their breasts bouncing. Then, the men were told that they would receive some money but had to choose between either getting a few Euros right away or waiting a few days to receive a larger sum. The men who watched videos of the women’s boobs wanted the small amount of money ASAP. They wanted instant gratification. Perhaps it’s that feeling of taking risks that are associated with boobs that makes them so exciting? Hmmm.
  5. Breasts have nipples. Yes, men have nipples too, but women’s nipples are located on these soft, sexy mounds of boobs! Nipples are one of the most erogenous zones on the female body, so it’s no wonder that men love movie scenes in which women are wearing wet t-shirts so much. Nipples are also intriguing because they come in different colors, shapes, and sizes!
  6. They feel nice. If you’ve ever touched and fondled your breasts (and you should), you’ll know that they really do feel good. Men find them to be really soft and touchable, which makes them appealing AF. This is probably the most obvious reason why guys like boobs. Duh.
  7. They’re comforting. Breasts can also be really comforting. They can feel cuddly and safe, which is probably why your BF reaches over for a really long hug when he’s had a bad day at work. It’s like sinking into a tender and warm pillow!
  8. They’re a sign of female attraction. When a woman’s aroused by the guy she’s with, her nipples will harden (unless the really cold weather’s to blame for that!). Since boobs and nipples are so responsive, this makes them interesting AF to guys who will be trying to read their signals for attraction.
  9. They’re sexy in movement. Ever heard that men love body parts that jiggle? Besides butts, boobs look great when they move around, like when you’re dancing to Beyoncé or playing tennis. They’re hypnotic!
  10. They’re mysterious AF. Men don’t have boobs, which makes them these fascinating, mysterious parts of your body he wants to touch and discover. He might be a butt man (and hey, women with big butts are healthier, apparently), but let’s face it: he has his own butt. And maybe that’s really what makes butts less appealing than busts: he’ll never know what it feels like to own a pair of boobs, which is why they’re so attractive to him.
  11. He loves boobs because of how they make him feel. For some guys, breasts are so sexy and appealing because of how these guys feel and are perceived when they fondle boobs. So again there’s a focus on men’s pleasure and ego—WTF? According to Live Science, men make themselves more desirable when they stimulate a woman’s boobs during sex and foreplay. Confession time: having your breasts fondled and kissed really does feel ah-may-zing, and a guy who knows how to touch them is quite a catch. Just saying.
  12. Breasts are hot because of hormones. And now for a creepy reason why men love boobs so much. In the book “The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex, And The Science Of Attraction,” researchers claim that men love breasts because of a hormone that gets released during breastfeeding. WTF? When a woman breastfeeds a baby, this hormone increases the bond and attachment between her and her child. This hormone is also responsible for creating the evolutionary impulse for bonds to be created and nurtured between lovers. Um, gross?
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.