Tantric Sex 101: What It Is & Why You Need To Try It

Tantric sex is likely something you’ve heard of in passing. It may have connotations like being hippie-dippy, new age-y, or dogmatic, but despite these ideas, it’s an amazing practice. Many people swear by it, calling it a staple in their sex life. Whether it’d be crucial to your sex life or just a periodic thing, tantric sex will blow your mind. Think about trying it with a partner you trust and watch yourself have an amazing time.

  1. Tantra comes from Eastern religions. Tantric sex can be found in both Hinduism and Vajrayāna Buddhism. Although much of tantra in Hinduism has been lost to history, there is an idea that it used to be a ritual to make a fluid offering that was given up to the Gods. Meanwhile, Buddhism thought that misusing the divine practice to orgasm could mean being struck by mental illness in the future. We’ve since evolved from these practices to a more Americanized version of tantric sex.
  2. It’s about weaving together the physical and the spiritual. Now we’ve come to know tantra as sexual union, bringing together human and divine. It’s metaphorical for joining the physical and the spiritual world because the practices are almost of the spiritual-variety (and they very may well be for some people). It’s using your bodies and your spirit to weave together with another person’s body and spirit.
  3. It’s not about taking clothes off right away. The “sex” actually starts with clothes still on. They take the time to look into each other’s eyes, leaving them both vulnerable and exposed. Then, there’s a focus on synchronized breathing where they’re breathing together then taking turns breathing. After that, they take to rocking back and forth with one another. All this time they’re beginning to build the sexual energy and tension with their partner. Then they’ll get to clothes being taken off soon!
  4. Massages may be involved. Graduating to touching, it begins with gentle stimulations in non-erogenous zones. Giving one another massages should be done in alternation, one person being the giver and one the receiver. They may even use different things like ice, a feather, or hot wax to work with various sensations in areas that are particularly stimulating.
  5. There’s a whole build-up. Each of these practices intends to build up energy on both sides, filling each party’s entire body. All of the components do something to add to the build-up. Beyond just energy, you’re building intimacy with your partner. Best Health describes it as: “turning a fast-food burrito into an epicurean feast.” It’s a savory experience. There’s definitely something at the end of the build-up, though the focus is really on the entire process.
  6. There’s tons of communication involved. Along the way, partners should be expressing to each other what does and doesn’t feel good. They may even be learning new things about each other and about themselves in terms of what stimulates them—and they have to communicate that. Much of the communication is to make sure that the two are in sync with one another to have the best experience possible.
  7. It’s a chance for a person reconnect with their partner. Daily lives can be so busy. People can run around in life, not having too much time for their partner. Even the time that is spent together may not be full of wild sex (and likely isn’t). Because of this, partners could reconnect with one another and rediscover one another. Trying tantric would prevent them from missing out on some seriously good sex.
  8. It’s said to lead to amazing orgasms. Sure, the process is really important, but the end is also really freakin’ great. The orgasms to be had in tantric sex are said to be absolutely amazing. They’re said to be more powerful and last longer. Prolonged orgasms can even occur, meaning one or both parties can be on the brink of having while just enjoying pleasure. Any way you have an orgasm during tantric sex is likely to be amazing.
  9. Couples who try it often feel closer afterward. It’s almost like the two have attended a hot yoga class while latched onto one another simultaneously chanting spiritual prayers. They’ve gone through this beautiful experience where they’ve leaned into one another. In this process, trust is being tested and built up. It really takes two people who are able to get into sync with one another to make the whole thing work and because they’re able to, people often state feeling closer afterward.
  10. Trying tantric is a way to spice up your sex life. In long-term relationships, sex can start to feel the same every time. It’s lovely and all, but there are only so many new things to try in bed before things really start to feel stale. Experimenting with tantric sex could offer an eclectic way to spice things up. It could even save a relationship by rekindling a flame. Worst case scenario, it could be wildly entertaining, still spicing up your sex life.
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