Taylor Swift Accused Of Witchcraft And Satanic Rituals On Eras Tour

Taylor Swift is currently in the middle of her Eras Tour, playing to sold-out stadiums across the United States. And while her millions of screaming fans are absolutely adoring the incredible performances of her massive 44-song setlist, there are some people who are less than pleased. You see, Taylor Swift is using imagery that some people believe is promoting Satanism and witchcraft. Cool! I mean… uh, terrible?

  1. Swift uses some staging and costumes that look pretty evil, I guess. For one of the songs, “Willow,” she and her dancers wear long capes with hoods that cover their heads as they dance in a circle. Some people seem to believe this is Swift’s covert way of trying to literally “summon demons.”
  2. Critics have taken to social media (where else?) to voice their theories. As one person wrote on Twitter, they were never a fan of Swift but seeing the evil she’s encouraging fans to partake in on stage has sealed the deal. “Never liked Taylor Swift, but now I definitely have a reason to. [I] just saw a video of her witchcraft/ritual performance on someone’s Insta story. Nope! Get that evil out of here. Believers should not listen to this,” they wrote.
  3. This isn’t an isolated theory – a lot of people think Taylor Swift is into witchcraft. A Christian woman on TikTok really went all-in on this theory, saying, “This is Taylor Swift’s song ‘Willow’ where she is a witch during rituals,” the woman said. “The first video you saw was taken by a fan the other night at the concert and he says, ‘yes, summon the demons b*tch!’ The worst part is that [Swift] commented twice [on the video]. [Swift] said: ‘This is the new ‘one, two, three, let’s go b*tch.’ So what she’s saying is ‘summon the demons’ is the new crowd chant that they all say when she does his witchcraft ritual.” Huh. Go figure.
  4. Apparently, Swift has been “shoving witchcraft” down people’s throats. The same woman complained that non-believers are always saying Christians should stop pushing their beliefs. However, she doesn’t think they should have to when major pop stars like Swift are “shoving witchcraft and rituals, crystals, astrology, and all that down our throats.”

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