Teenager Realizes She Accidentally Moved Into A Retirement Community After Renting Apartment Online

A 19-year-old Oklahoma woman was shocked and slightly horrified to realize that she’d accidentally moved into a retirement community after renting an apartment out of town online, sight unseen. Madison Kohout shared the humorous mishap in a TikTok clip that has since garnered more than four million views, revealing that while living with senior citizens wasn’t her initial plan, she’s actually having a great time of it.


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  1. Madison’s mom tipped her off about the apartment. Madison is a nursing assistant and was looking for something a little cheaper than the place she was living. Her mom, Gigi, let her know there was a “super spacious” place going for $350 a month in another town close by. Given that it was “significantly cheaper” than where she was living, she told Insider, she was interested right away.
  2. She moved in three days later without even visiting. The pictures looked great and the price was right, so Madison signed the lease and moved in three days later. She loved the place, and while she noticed it was a little odd that all of her neighbors in the 10-unit building seemed to be over 65, she didn’t think much of it.
  3. A week later, she realized what was up: she’d moved into a retirement community. While walking outside the building, Madison noticed a sign advertising senior citizen apartments. Oops! She took a photo of herself in front of the sign with her hands over her eyes in mortification. “Never in my entire life did I think I would be living in a retirement home!” she told Newsweek.
  4. The complex’s anti-discrimination policy allowed her to move in. The complex may be meant for senior citizens, but they don’t discriminate based on age or anything else, so Madison was allowed to rent her apartment without question. How cool is that?
  5. Now she’s become friends with her neighbors. Madison says she loves listening to her neighbors’ stories and enjoying their delicious home-cooked food that they share with her. Not only that, but since some of them are deaf, she can blast her music whenever she wants without causing any issues. It seems like she’s living the life!

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