Teens Push Woman’s Broken Down Car 5 Miles To Her Home Because She Couldn’t Afford Tow Truck

Sometimes it can be hard to keep the faith that there are good people in the world. Then something happens that restores your belief in humanity, like hearing about the three boys who pushed a woman’s car more than five miles to her home when it broke down because she couldn’t afford to have it towed.

  1. A man named Dan Morrison praised the teens on Facebook. In a post, he revealed that he was driving down the road when he noticed a car stranded in an intersection with smoke coming out of it. He slowed down to check on her and realized things were going badly wrong.
  2. The woman had only bought the car six weeks prior. However, it was truly broken down and there was no fixing it to get her to a garage. The man looked at the car and discovered that the engine’s coolant was somehow mixing in with the oil due to a leak, so they had to get her out ASAP.
  3. Out of nowhere, three teenage boys showed up. Those boys were later revealed to be Bailey Campbell, Billy Tarbett, and Aeron McQuillin. They were headed to Tim Hortons for some donuts when they noticed what was going on. And when they learned the woman didn’t have the money to tow the vehicle, they knew they had to do something.
  4. “You boys ready for a push?” one of them asked. That’s right — they decided that they wouldn’t just get the car off the intersection, they would push it all the way to her home, which was more than five miles from where it had broken down.
  5. They got prepared for the journey. Armed with bottles of water and a Bluetooth speaker, they began their journey of pushing the car forward. Morrison, who originally discovered the woman, gave her a ride home and drove behind the boys the whole way with his hazard lights on so that they’d be safe.
  6. It wasn’t an easy job. Not only is five miles a very long distance to push a car, but the start of the journey had a big hill in it! The car also died at one point and had to have its battery charged so they could get it back into neutral gear to keep it moving.
  7. The boys made it back to the woman’s house with her car about 90 minutes later. The woman couldn’t believe the kindness of the teens, and they all shared some thanks, a few hugs, and headed home.
  8. The story immediately went viral, and the boys themselves are glad to have set a good example. “There is so much negativity in the world; people want something positive. When something like this happens, it becomes contagious,” Morrison told CNN, “Everyone has had car problems and can relate.”

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