Texas Passes Bill Allowing Handguns To Be Carried Without A License

In the first four months of 2021 alone, there have been more than 170 mass shootings in the United States. The victims were young and old, black and white, and from all walks of life. More than that, they were all completely innocent, their lives cut short by domestic terrorists with easy access to guns. However, instead of bringing in gun control laws, the state of Texas has joined at least 12 others in making it totally legal to carry handguns without a permit. Yes, really.

  1. The Texas Senate passed HB 1927 on Wednesday. The passing of this bill means that people in Texas can carry rifles and handguns on them at all times without the need to have a permit or fulfill any other requirements.
  2. The number of deaths and injuries caused by guns in this country is out of hand. In the 172 mass shootings that took place between January and April 2021, 206 people were killed and 693 people were injured. This is a clear indication that we need tighter gun control laws, not looser ones.
  3. This will only lead to more casualties. Many who oppose HB 1927 point out that making it easier for people to get a hold of firearms is only going to lead to further deaths and injuries rather than stopping them. “HB 1927 would merely make it easier to carry a firearm legally in public, including by persons who should not,” said State Sen. Judith Zaffirini (D-Laredo) in a statement. The licensing process allows us to ask critical questions before allowing the public carriage of a lethal weapon based on what can only be described as the mildest inconvenience.
  4. As Americans, we really need to get over our love of guns. The fact that so many Americans see owning guns as their God-given right and a necessity and are passionate about being armed to the hilt at every given opportunity is insane, especially when we see what the gun-loving culture has wrought. The science is clear: people who own guns are more likely to be injured by gun violence. You’re not “protecting yourself,” you’re perpetuating a culture of violence first, and likely to your own detriment.
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