12 Texts Guys Send When They Really Like You


A huge sign someone likes you is how they text with you. Sad, isn’t it? But unfortunately, that’s where we are with communication these days. To know how he’s feeling, you have to pay attention to his messages — or lack thereof. Here’s how to tell he likes you via his texting style.

He Texts First Thing In The Morning.

Guys don’t send “good morning” texts unless they really like you. Fact. Waking up to a text like this means you were one of the first things he thought of when he opened his eyes and he wants you to know it. Now, if that’s not romance, what is?

He Responds Quickly.

He’s not waiting two hours to respond to your texts. He’s responding when he sees your message unless he’s busy. In other words, he’s not purposely leaving you on “read” to make himself seem more attractive. He likes you, which means he’s not playing childish games.

He Sends A Bunch Of Emojis.

It depends on the guy, but a sudden spike in emojis is a pretty clear sign he’s falling for you. After all, what’s more, flirtatious than sending fireworks in every message? Um, nothing. Maybe we’re too millennial, but sending emojis are pretty much the equivalent of sending a bouquet of flowers (kidding…but basically).

He Talks About Himself.

Contrary to popular belief, you want a guy who talks about himself. Maybe not all the time, but enough for you to understand who he is as a person. A guy who answers questions ambiguously is sketchy and probably doesn’t really like you. Is he providing detailed (or at least semi-detailed) information? He’s into you in a big way.

He Keeps The Conversation Moving.

He doesn’t want the conversation to stop. That’s why he keeps asking questions, even when you respond with a one-worded answer. Sure, he’s trying to get to know you but he also wants to keep you interested in him. He’s trying to make it clear he wants to talk to you all day.

He Double Texts.

You didn’t respond to his text message in a timely manner? He doesn’t mind sending another text to keep the conversation going. That means he really, really likes you. Most people are wary to send a double text because it can make you appear vulnerable. The fact that he doesn’t care is a sign of maturity, and a sign he likes you too much to be embarrassed by his own texting habits.

He Compliments You.

This one is a little tricky because both men and women love throwing out empty compliments. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the type of compliments. Is he focusing on your beauty and other physical features? Or, are his compliments directed to your personality? If it’s the latter, he likes you for all the right reasons.

He Hasn’t Talked About Sex.

Personally, there’s no bigger turn-off than someone you barely know texting about sex. It means he only has one thing on his mind: getting laid. I’m not saying he can’t be flirty, but he shouldn’t be coming in hot asking about your kinks and turn-offs. A guy who really likes you isn’t going to text like that… at least not in the beginning.

He Asks Personal Questions.

He’s asking personal questions to get to know you better. Not only is he physically interested, but he’s also trying to connect on an emotional level. He wants to gain a deeper understanding of who you are; learn what makes you tick and figure out your passions. He wouldn’t be doing that if he didn’t like you.

He’s Different Than Your Friends.

Take his messages and compare them with your friends’. Is he using more emojis? Is he asking more thoughtful questions? Is he calling you pet names that aren’t “dude”? His messages are distinctively different than what you and your friends talk about because he likes you romantically.

He Makes Plans.

He’s not just texting, he’s texting with a purpose. That purpose is to actually spend time together without electronics. We’ve all found ourselves in “relationships” where the only time we spoke was via phone. That’s not a relationship! Sure, it’s great that he’s texting you, but it’s even better that he’s making time for you IRL.

He Says He Likes You

. Did he make his feelings clear via text? Believe him! We know, we know, people lie but that doesn’t mean you should assume he’s a liar. Start your relationship on the right foot and trust his words. It’s okay to be cautious and make sure he can express himself in person too, but if it all checks out, we say go for it!

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