Texts You Wish You Could Send Guys Without Seeming Crazy

Texts You Wish You Could Send Guys Without Seeming Crazy ©iStock/Kiuikson

Even though you usually keep it together, on those nights out where you’ve had a little bit too much to drink, or those nights in where you’re wondering if Netflix and chilling would be more fun with someone else, you sometimes think about sending certain texts to the guy you’ve been seeing. Decoding dudes can be difficult, especially if you don’t have all of your friends on hand. Sometimes, instead of playing the game, you wish you could just text what you’re actually thinking without seeming insane.

  1. “So, should I shave for tonight, or nah?” There’s no question that hooking up is harder as you get older. You’re getting ready to go out, and you’re not sure how prepped you should get. Do you bring extra makeup in case there’s an impromptu slumber party? Should you put on underwear that’s not 100 years old? The flirtation can be fun, but it’s more fun to know whether or not you should be ready.
  2. “Tell me an exact time and place for this weekend right now.” When you’re first seeing a guy, it’s easy to go back and forth via text without actually making plans… but that doesn’t mean it’s not exceedingly frustrating. When you’re both hinting about eventually meeting up, it’s way easier to plan around an actual plan.
  3. “What’s the point of endlessly texting if we’re never going to hang?” This seems more and more common currently — the gray area boyfriend is someone you talk to daily, but never actually see IRL. At first it’s fun to have all that attention, and you still think that eventually you’ll spend time together. But after awhile, it’s the equivalent of talking to a stranger danger on Tinder 24/7 because you start to lose interest.
  4. “I knew you were trouble when you walked in.” Whenever a relationship goes really rogue, it’s tempting to turn into Taylor Swift. Whether you’re feeling more hopelessly upset a la Red or angry girl anthem via 1989, you try to contain yourself.
  5. “Was she cuter than me or were you just bored?” The endlessly-tempting bad boy is so fun at the time… until he cheats on you and you’re left Swift-ing. If (and when) a cheat day happens, it leaves lots of questions that you wish you had the answer to.
  6. “Is this ever going to be Facebook official, or should I Tinder on?” As a relationship progresses, it sometimes seems like it’s still going nowhere. Online dating might be the worst, but you’re not sure if you should give it up entirely or continue looking for someone who for real wants to date you.
  7. “Why didn’t you ever text me?” We’ve all been there — you go on a first date that’s somewhat promising and you subsequently expect a second one (probably because he specifically mentioned it). Then, nothing at all. While you don’t wait by your phone because it’s always with you anyway, you do get edgy and nervous anytime anyone texts you.
  8. “What went wrong?” This is what you’ve seriously considered texting at the end of a real relationship. Not a couple of promising app dates, but something you truly thought was turning into something serious.
  9. “Sorry, I just don’t want to go on this date tonight.” When you’re dating, first dates can seem promising and fun… when you get there. When you’re prepping for them, it’s just stressful, and you’ve definitely thought about canceling more than once.
  10. “Did you ghost or are you actually dead?” Oh, ghosting, the modern-day break-up. While you know they’re out there somewhere (probably because you constantly see them on social media), you can’t help but wonder if they’ve actually fallen off the face of the planet.
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