The ‘Fat Bride’ Movement Sees Women Refusing To Lose Weight For Their Weddings

For many women, the idea of being a “fat bride” is downright horrifying. They’ll go to great lengths to slim down before saying “I do,” starving themselves, exercising far too much, and even taking laxatives and supplements to help rid them of excess pounds. This has always been really sad to me. First and perhaps most obviously, your beauty or your worthiness as a partner has literally zero to do with your weight. Thankfully, more and more women are starting to realize this and have started a “fat bride” movement to shun one of the most toxic aspects of modern culture.

Take Sydney Holmes, for example. The self-dubbed “favorite fat bride” of social media, the Queens-based newlywed regularly shared preparation for her November 2022 ceremony on TikTok, offering a refreshing alternative to the #SheddingForTheWedding crew.

Whereas most brides are all about restrictive dieting, doing cardio until they nearly fall over, and judging themselves for how little weight they’ve dropped this week after stepping on the scale, Holmes took a different approach.


Replying to @booklover_99 there is a lot of pressure on the internet to lose weight for your wedding and this is a reminder that tou are beautiful way you are🥰 #midsizebride #bride #weddingdress #weddingwardrobe

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“Trying to lose 50 pounds for my wedding didn’t feel authentic to me — it would have been mentally draining,” the 31-year-old told The Post. Not only that, but trying to change herself would completely change the person her now-husband, Jake, fell in love with all those years ago.

“I’ve been fat this whole time,” she shared. “He fell in love with me in this body. He thought I looked absolutely beautiful on our wedding day. And I did — I looked hot!”

Even better, Sydney Holmes is not alone. The #BrideTok hashtag reveals thousands of women who are done obsessing over trying to make themselves smaller in preparation for their weddings. Instead, they’re committing to loving themselves as they are so they can bask in the joy of their upcoming nuptials.

Of course, every woman needs to do what she needs to do to feel confident and beautiful in her own skin. And if you want to lose weight or tone up ahead of marrying your person, that’s great. However, starving yourself or working yourself into the ground trying to fit into a smaller size dress because you think that’s what’s expected of you is when it becomes problematic. You’re beautiful just as you are. Celebrate that along with your love!


our most romantic moment was definitely hoisting Morg’s dress over her head so she could go potty #QueerMarriage #QueerWedding #QueerCouple #FatBride

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