The Most Important Angel Numbers And Their Meanings

Have you ever found yourself seeing the same number seemingly everywhere? You may glance at a clock at exactly 3:33, get a call from someone with 333 in their phone number, and pay $3.33 at the office vending machine all in one day. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to pay attention. Numerologists believe that seeing the same number in sets of three, four, or within a sequence of other numbers, means that angels are trying to communicate with you. Here are the meanings of some of the most popular angel numbers.

  1. 000 When viewed in a negative light, zeros represent a void. But voids are also a space of opportunity. When you see zeros in sets of three, four, or within sequences of other numbers, the angels are signaling that you have reached a space for profound growth. Now is the time to leave your past behind you and step into something new. There is nothing empty about the space around you. It is full of possibilities.
  2. 111 Of all the angel numbers out there, the meaning of 111 is one of the most profound. Ones are a sign of intuition and manifestation. Do you know people who make a wish when they see a clock hit 11:11? Think of ones as a shooting star. They tell you that the path you are taking or about to take is the right one. Set your intention, trust your gut, and manifest. You are in the opportune moment to make your dreams a reality. Don’t wait.
  3. 222 Twos are all about balance. They indicate that you need to steady yourself, whether in your personal life, your work life, or your emotional and spiritual life. They also represent the power of support. Find a friend who you trust with your most vulnerable self or a family member you turn to when you’re feeling lost. Twos tell you that you are not on sure footing, and that it’s time to reach out to someone you can lean on.
  4. 333 Seeing threes means you are in a prime position to share your gifts. This number is all about creation. Dive into your artistic side. The angels are behind you, and pushing you to apply your unique skills to the situation in front of you. When you see threes, the world is at an opportune moment to receive and appreciate your talents.
  5. 444 If you’re seeing sets of fours, you may be going through a challenging time. Sequences of this number are a reassurance from the spiritual world that you are not alone, no matter how difficult things may feel right now. Where twos suggest an imbalance, fours are meant to reinforce you in whatever you’re doing. You may feel uncertain, but now is the time to stay the course. What you’re going through has a purpose, and as long as you maintain your path, you will emerge from this challenge a stronger person.
  6. 555 Fives are a sign that change is coming. You are headed for transformation and should hold space in your heart and mind to let it in. You may have felt stuck recently, like you can’t seem to get out of your own head and take charge of your life. But seeing repetitions of fives everywhere is a sign that new things are headed your way, and the angels are telling you to look out for it, no matter how stagnant your life may feel.
  7. 666 In biblical study, the number six is associated with evil, sin, and even the devil. But in numerology, it is less dire. As an angel number, six is a sign that you need to turn inward and readjust. You may be full of negative thoughts lately, or you may feel that things in your life are unfair or out of your control. Sixes are a reminder that strength and agency come from within. Don’t be afraid of sixes. Take them as a catalyst to harness your higher self. The meaning of these angel numbers might seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.
  8.  777 Lucky number seven! If you’re seeing sevens everywhere, good fortune is headed your way. This doesn’t mean that the angels are telling you to buy a lottery ticket or hit the casino. Luck can come in many forms, so keep your eyes and ears open. Something good is coming your way, spiritual energy is gathering around you. Be ready to seize the moment.
  9. 888 The angel number eight is a powerful spiritual sign. Its physical form is balanced and represents infinity. Seeing eights everywhere means that the angels are seeing your spiritual and material selves in alignment. Take this time to acknowledge both at once, because we are rarely as in touch with our spiritual lives as we are with our physical lives. Great wisdom comes from holding this balance.
  10. 999 Something in your life is drawing to a close. Nines are a heads up that you need to prepare yourself to let go. An ending is approaching, and if you meet it with resistance, you may miss the opportunity of a new beginning. When angels send you nines, they are preparing you emotionally and mentally to say goodbye to your current self, and turn the page to a new chapter. When viewed in a cyclical rather than linear configuration, angel numbers operate as a continuous progression towards ending and rebirth. Nines signify closing, but also the advancement toward the new horizons offered by the number zero.
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