14 Scientifically Proven Ways To Become More Attractive

14 Scientifically Proven Ways To Become More Attractive

Attractiveness goes way beyond physical appearance—other qualities like confidence, personality, and behavior can contribute heavily to how attractive you are. So, if you’re looking to be moere well-rounded in that department, look no futher. Here are 14 scientifically proven ways to enhance your attractiveness.

1. Wear Red.

Real talk: red stands out. It’s the color of passion, power, and action. Studies suggest that both men and women are perceived as more attractive when they wear red. This isn’t just a fashion tip—it’s a psychological trigger that screams ‘Look at me’. It boosts perceived sexual desirability and confidence.

2. Grow Some Stubble.

Close up portrait of bearded handsome successful middle east smiling businessman sitting at chair, working in his modern office.

Meet the sweet spot between a clean shave and a full beard—stubble. It’s associated with maturity, masculinity, and dominance, according to research. Just ensure it looks intentional, not like you lost your razor. This is about looking rugged, not unkempt.

3. Stand Straight, Shoulders Back.

Your mom was onto something—posture matters. An upright stance signals confidence and appears more commanding. It’s not just good for your back—it’s attractive. Studies pin confidence as a high attractor, and good posture communicates just that.

4. Ease up on the Smile.

Happy male person face home portrait. Blue eyes looking at camera close up. Joyful bristle surfer man long hair. Smiling shy guy. Kind casual people. Young adult hippie inside house. Hipster hairstyle

While smiling is great, overdoing it can be a turn-off, especially for men, as some research suggests it can be perceived as submissive. A strategic, genuine smile has an impact. Women, on the other hand, may benefit from smiling more to enhance attractiveness.

5. Hit The Gym—And Focus On The Upper Body.

Muscle matters, not in a meathead way, but strength is universally attractive. Hit the weights, with an emphasis on the upper body to align with the typical attractiveness parameters set by studies. It speaks to a degree of self-care and discipline.

6. Sweat The Right Way.

Odd but true: sweating can enhance attraction due to pheromones. But don’t use this as an excuse to skip deodorant. Fresh sweat at the gym might be appealing, but stale sweat from three days ago, not so much. Keep it clean.

7. Angle Your Head Up.

Apparently, a little neck exposure can go a long way. Tilting your head slightly showcases vulnerability and commands attention. It’s subtle but effective, particularly when captured in photos.

8. Embrace Your Scars.

Scars tell stories. They’re interesting, and they can boost perceived attractiveness, especially on men’s faces. They imply resilience and tales of survival. Don’t hide them; they make you, you.

9. Smile More If You’re Female.

smiling woman tucking hair behind ear

For women, showing off a smile can prove to be a game-changer. It may be rooted in social norms, but it’s powerful. It signals friendliness and accessibility, eliciting more positive responses from men.

10. Voice Pitch Matters.

Guys, a deep, resonant voice is attractive. It signals strength and reliability. Ladies, a higher pitch is often perceived as youthful and feminine. This is about playing to evolutionary preferences—tread carefully though, authenticity is key.

11. Develop Your Sense of Humor.

It’s the universal icebreaker. Making people laugh is social gold. It’s attractive; it draws people in. Just ensure your humor is inclusive, rather than at someone’s expense. Laughter can bond people, create connections, and increase attractiveness.

12. Balance Your Scent.

smiling man in hat looking up

Perfume or cologne—is a powerful trigger for attraction but overdoing it is as bad as not wearing any. Aim for subtle—not a walking air freshener. Wear enough so it’s a pleasant surprise, not an all-out assault on the senses.

13. Boost Your Confidence.

Confidence is the ultimate enhancer of attractiveness. It makes you seem capable, reliable, and interesting. Security in oneself is magnetic, and it’s not something you fake. Work on yourself, improve where you can, and let confidence build naturally.

14. Get With A Group.

happy woman with friends on adventure

Being seen in a group can increase your attractiveness, a phenomenon known as the “cheerleader effect.” It shows social proof that you’re liked, you have connections, and you’re not a loner. But also shine on your own when it’s time.

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