Anne Hathaway Is Terrifying In ‘The Witches’ Remake Trailer

Anne Hathaway Is Terrifying In ‘The Witches’ Remake Trailer Warner Bros.

Growing up, I was a huge fan of Roald Dahl’s books and I still love them now as an adult. They’re such wonderfully imaginative stories full of kindness, goodness, and a bit of mischief too. I even love the movie adaptations of his books (Matilda, anyone?), and the trailer for the remake of The Witches looks like it certainly won’t disappoint, particularly thanks to Anne Hathaway as the Grand High Witch.

  1. So what’s it about? If you haven’t read The Witches or seen the original movie (which stars Anjelica Houston and is well worth your time), it’s about a little boy who stumbles upon a witches’ convention and tries to put a stop to their evil doings even though they turn him into a mouse when they discover him. The fun and adventure doesn’t stop there! In fact, it’s just getting started.
  2. There are some great people behind this remake. The new version of The Witches is directed by Robert Zemeckis (legend!) and written by him as well as Kenya Barris and Guillermo del Toro, who I think we can all agree is a genius. Having them involved alone tells you how good it’s going to be.
  3. The cast is so incredible! In addition to Anne Hathaway, the new version of The Witches stars Jahzir Bruno as the heroic young boy who tries to stop the witches’ convention and the incredible Octavia Spencer plays his grandmother. Meanwhile, we get Stanley Tucci as the hotel manager and Chris Rock steps in as the narrator. See what I mean?
  4. There’s not too much longer to wait until it’s out! You’ll be able to watch The Witches in all its glory when it comes to HBO Max on October 22nd. There are currently no plans for a wider release in other countries, but if you get a chance to see it, you’ll definitely want to do it!
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