10 Things That Happen When You’re Being Satisfied By Your Partner Regularly

Making love is, without a doubt, one of the best things about being alive. While there are definitely other highlights like pizza and Netflix, comparatively speaking, intimacy still probably comes out on top. It’s not just about how great it feels, but all the benefits that come with it. Imagine having a boatload of peaks on a regular basis — and that’s just the beginning. 

You’re confident AF.

While making love regularly makes us feel desired and attractive, making satisfying love gives us just the right amount of an ego boost to kick our confidence into high-gear. Everyday life is so much better when you know, for a fact, you’re awesome.

You’re less depressed

. Not only does making love result in the release of oxytocin and dopamine, the hormones that will keep you smiling all day long, but research has also found that his juice aids in reducing depression, too. I know this news might throw your whole world for a loop, but the fact is that it’s an anti-depressant.

You can justify skipping the gym.

According to WebMD, making love burns five calories every minute. While that may not be an astronomical amount, it doesn’t change the fact that intimacy gets your heart rate up, your body moving, and depending on how vigorous it is, can be one hell of a workout.

You’re friskier with everyone (not just your partner).

The more you make love, the more you think about it. From personal experience, I satisfy myself way more when I’m doing it lots than when I’m in a dry spell, and if you really think about it, you might realize that you’re more attuned when you’re getting it on regularly too. Between perpetual love-making on the brain and all that confidence pumping through your body, you’ll find that you’re friskier than ever. You’re not just flirting with your partner, but your coworkers, the mailman, the woman behind the counter at Starbucks, and so on. You’re just giddy as all get out, and it shows.

You’re more tolerant of annoying people.

In being satisfied often, you’re less frustrated, which is pretty much basic math. So, if you’re less frustrated, then you’re more tolerant, and if you’re more tolerant then every single annoying dumbo who comes your way is suddenly someone you can handle. It’s fascinating, to say the least.

You’re healthier in ways you didn’t know possible.

Research has found that people who have lots of satisfying intimacy have stronger immune systems, healthier hearts, less pain, and lower chances of cancer. No joke! You thought you were just having a whole lot of fun with all that good love-making, but you’re actually helping yourself living a longer and healthier life. Go you!

You’re way better looking than usual.

If while you’re having all this awesome intimacy, you notice that people are checking you out more than usual, there’s a simple reason for it: You’re ridiculously good looking thanks to intimacy. Seriously. This not only does wonders for our healthy glow, but the blood flow that comes with regular peaks and aids in staving off wrinkles and giving your hair a nice healthy shine.

You realize that you’re getting smarter every day.

According to a 2014 study, love-making is probably, most likely, almost definitely, making you smarter. Although it’s not likely to turn a moron into a genius or anything (sorry, morons), but intimacy stimulates brain cell growth. Basically, doing this a few times a day for a couple of years could result in you getting past Thursday in the New York Times crossword puzzle. Finally!

You can handle stress like a champ.

Although Xanax can also be your best friend when it comes to stress, making love regularly is even better. It’s that constant release of those happy, feel-good hormones that keep your anxiety low and allows your ability to stare down stress and chase it away to skyrocket.

You sleep like a baby.

The reason you usually want to take a nice long nap after you make love isn’t just because you’re exhausted from the workout, but because of prolactin. When we come, prolactin is released into our bodies and it’s a hormone that basically gives Ambien a run for its money.

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