This Fan-Made Live Action Family Guy Movie Poster Is Insanely Accurate

This Fan-Made Live Action Family Guy Movie Poster Is Insanely Accurate Fox

“Family Guy” is a classic animated series. It’s not quite as good as “The Simpsons” and not as edgy as “King of the Hill,” but it’s still memorable in its own way. Longtime fans adore the Griffin family, and one person loves them so much, they dreamt up an entire live-action “Family Guy” cast and made a poster for it. It’s scary how accurate their casting is!

  1. Imagine a live-action “Family Guy” movie! I mean, crazier things have happened, really. On the Fox show’s subreddit, u/mindtraveller showed off their impressive Photoshop skills as well as their dream cast if such a thing did ever come to pass. Once you see it, you’ll never be able to imagine anything else.
  2. Kevin James is Peter Griffin. We’ll just stop and let that sink in a bit. How perfect is that?! Meanwhile, Ariel Winter is Meg, Gaten Matarazzo is Chris, and the one and only Laura Linney is Lois. I mean, come on!
  3. But wait, that’s not all! OP chose Bill Hader to play Quagmire, Craig Robinson for Cleveland, and Patrick Warburton as Joe. Seth McFarlane would, of course, continue to voice Stewie and Brian.
  4. Other members of the subreddit really loved this idea. They didn’t only love the possibility of a live-action “Family Guy” but of the artwork and casting as well. “You, sir or madam, are an absolute genius. This is beyond perfect. Please accept and enjoy this free award… you’ve earned it!!!” one person commented. Others remarked at how much they loved the idea of Linney as Lois.
  5. People really want this to be a reality. I mean, “The Simpsons” has its own movie, albeit not a live-action one. So has “South Park.” The means it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that a feature-length “Family Guy” movie could eventually be released. No doubt fans will start petitioning McFarlane now!
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