Tom Cruise’s Ex-Wife Convinced By Scientology To Let Him Date Future Spouse Nicole Kidman

A former Scientologist has claimed that Tom Cruise’s ex-wife Mimi Rogers was pressured by Church officials to allow Cruise to start dating Nicole Kidman while Rogers was still married to the Mission Impossible star. Mike Rinder, who recently released his memoir, A Billion Years: My Escape From a Life in the Highest Ranks of Scientology, dropped the bombshell accusations in an interview with Megyn Kelly, as per

  1. Mimi Rogers brought Cruise into the world of Scientology. It was through her that Cruise was brought into the mix. However, when Tom Cruise met Nicole Kidman, he was immediately taken with her and wanted to begin dating her. So, he turned to David Miscavige, leader of the Church of Scientology, for help.
  2. Miscavige facilitated the relationship change. Rinder told Megyn Kelly that despite being married to Rogers, Tom Cruise asked Miscavige to help him leave his relationship so he could get involved with Nicole Kidman. “He wanted to take up with Nicole, but he was still married to Mimi,” Rinder said. He claims Miscavige “convinced” Rogers that introducing Cruise to Scientology was for the “greatest good” and that ultimately, their marriage mattered little in the grand scheme of things. Rinder claims that the “overall claims of Scientology” were prioritized over any negative feelings Rogers might have had about the dissolution of her marriage.
  3. Rinder has no idea why Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman eventually split up. The pair were married from 1990 to 2001 before ending their relationship, though Rinder is unsure what caused the split. “There was always a fear that Nicole would be influenced by her dad,” the writer claimed. “Her dad is a psychiatrist, and to Scientologists, psychiatry is the devil.”
  4. The Church of Scientology goes out of its way to keep Tom Cruise happy. According to Rinder, he’s one of the most important members of the church and there’s not much they won’t do to keep him happy. “There is a lot of time and attention and money and effort put into keeping Tom Cruise happy,” Rinder explained. “David Miscavige believes that Tom Cruise is the greatest asset that Scientology has, and he treats him that way.”
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