This Tree-Asaurus Rex Christmas Tree Is A Dino Lover’s Holiday Dream

Everyone has their own personal style when decorating for Christmas, but most of us simply opt for different ornaments or color schemes when it comes to putting up our tree. However, one man decided to get ultra creative and create a dinosaur-themed Christmas tree he dubbed “Tree-asaurus Rex” which is basically an amazing vision of prehistoric holiday bliss.

  1. Kids will LOVE this thing. Most kids love dinosaurs and think they’re awesome, and that’s because they are. Imagine having small kids who wake up on Christmas morning to see that their tree has transformed into a giant T-Rex. How much more exciting would that make the holidays?!
  2. Of course, adults will appreciate it too. You don’t need to be a small child to appreciate a dino Christmas tree. I mean, we’re all still crazy about Jurassic Park and we’re well into our twenties and thirties now, right?
  3. It’s extra hilarious too. Because of the shape of the tree, it actually makes the T-Rex look like it’s wearing a brightly adorned dress, which is kinda the best thing ever. It looks amazing with all of those lights and ribbons, don’t you think?!
  4. If you don’t have the means to make a Tree-asaurus Rex, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways you can make a dino Christmas tree that don’t have to be quite so bold. You could even fill your tree with all dinosaur ornaments and that would do the trick too! Seriously, get creative – it’s all about making it personal to you!

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