Two Brothers Killed By Train While Mourning Other Brother Struck In Exact Same Spot

A tragic accident took on an even more devastating turn when two North Carolina brothers mourning the loss of their other brother met the same fate as him in another freak accident. Pablo Tiquiram Us, 29, and Jose Chilambalam Tiquiram Us, 20, visited the spot where their 27-year-old brother Baltazar had been struck and killed by a train on July 26. However, while there to pay their respects a week after Baltazar’s death, they were also struck by a train and succumbed to their injuries pretty much immediately, CNN reports.

  1. The circumstances surrounding their deaths were slightly different. While Baltazar was said to have been in a car at this time of his death, his two brothers had exited their vehicle and were on foot. A Witness alerted the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department on Tuesday, August 3 to the accident, which saw Pablo and Jose struck by a LYNX Blue Line train.
  2. Pablo and Jose had simply wanted to remember their brother. As Sargeant Adam Jones said at a press conference: “They had been memorializing their brother on the one-week anniversary of his death and they were conducting a memorial out by the site where he was killed. Unfortunately, the two brothers were also struck by a train while they were on foot and they both succumbed to their injuries pretty quickly.”
  3. Now their families are dealing with three losses instead of just one. Jones sympathized with the men’s family, acknowledging how difficult it must be to lose one person, let alone three. “I cannot imagine losing three of your children – three of your siblings — within a week to such tragic circumstances.”
  4. Alcohol was involved in Pablo and Jose’s deaths. Jones said that “impairment was involved” in the deaths and advised local residents not to get behind the wheel of a car if they’d been drinking.
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