If You’re Bored, You Can Go On Virtual Disney World Rides From The Comfort Of Your Couch

The state of the world at the moment means vacations are pretty much out the window. You shouldn’t even be going to your local Target, so the thought of heading to Disney World anytime soon is depressingly unrealistic. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun while at home. In fact, there are plenty of virtual Disney rides you can take on some of the theme park’s most famous attractions.

  1. People have been amazing about filming their ride experiences. While you might expect that the first-person Disney rides uploaded to YouTube would be terrible quality, bumpy and full of screaming and blurry footage, you couldn’t be more wrong! There are incredibly clear, high-quality videos of so many different rides that are fun to sit through even in a virtual way!
  2. Splash Mountain is an obvious highlight. If you’ve never had the opportunity to ride Splash Mountain, it’s a log flume ride with a terrifyingly fun drop that thrill-seekers will enjoy. You can take a virtual ride on it from start to finish and you won’t be sorry you did.
  3. How about the new Star Wars ride? Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is a fully immersive ride that includes experiences with some of the franchise’s most beloved characters as well as allowing you to get up close with Storm Troopers and take on a ready room assignment. It’s extremely cool, I must admit.
  4. Space Mountain remains absolutely terrifyingly awesome. If you’re not a fan of roller coasters or the dark, you might want to avoid taking a ride on Space Mountain. If those two things thrill you, however, climb on board! It’s a fun, fast-paced ride you can’t visit Disney without trying.
  5. Don’t forget to board the Hogwarts Express! While not technically Disney World, many people do visit Universal Studios when they head down to Orlando, so this counts in my book. Taking a virtual ride on the Hogwarts Express will make you feel like you’re in the middle of Harry Potter, and I think we can all use a little magic right now.
  6. Still want more? Thankfully, the YouTube channel iThemePark has created a massive playlist full of first-person virtual rides on attractions from Disney World, Universal Studios, and so many more. Check them out so you can plan where you’ll go once this lockdown is over.

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