Wanderlove Is Picking Up Steam In The Dating World — Here’s What It’s All About

Long-distance relationships aren’t ideal, and they’re not something most of us would willingly go for. Being away from the person you love is painful, lonely, and a lot of hard work. However, single people who are looking for love have experienced a huge shift in mindset since the pandemic. Things that they normally wouldn’t entertain are suddenly looking a lot more attractive. That’s where the wanderlove dating trend comes in. If you’re striking out when it comes to finding a match in your city, this may appeal to you.

What is wanderlove?

Coined by dating app Bumble, wanderlove is a term used to describe a new dating trend picking up steam on the scene. Wanderlove is the idea of leaving behind the local dating scene and instead setting your sights a bit further away. After all, if your town or city hasn’t turned up any good prospects, it only makes sense to look elsewhere, right?

A 2022 survey of 10,000 users conducted by the app found that roughly 33% are open to the idea of dating someone who lives outside of their city or state — or for some people, outside of their country! Given that 14% of users said they were interested in becoming digital nomads, it’s no surprise singletons are broadening their horizons.

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, there are some places you might have more luck than others. Dating Sites lists the top five places to find love as Italy, Brazil, Spain, New Zealand, and Australia. This is based not only on the number of single people there and how many of them actually want a relationship, but also the average marriage and divorce ages and the cost of trips.

Why is it becoming more popular?

Figuring out why the wanderlove dating trend is picking up isn’t exactly rocket science. After all, most of the world has spent a good part of the past three years in lockdown due to COVID-19. Countries shut borders, restaurants, cafes, and bars shut their doors, and dating became even more difficult than it already was.

Now, things are beginning to change. While it’s silly to say that COVID is over, the world is starting to open up again. People are emerging from their homes and trying to get back to routine. For many, that means focusing on finding a partner again.

However, one of the major things that’s different this time around is people’s appreciation for life and the world at large. We long to travel, to feel more alive, and experience more of what the world has to offer. Thus, wanderlove seems a whole lot more attractive.

“All of these shifts are changing the ways that people are thinking about what they are looking for, and how they better balance their relationships, work, and life,” Bumble’s communications director Lucille McCart tells Refinery29. “As we head into the new year, we are encouraged by the many ways single people are challenging the status quo and taking control of defining what a healthy and equal relationship means for them.”

Whether or not you want to travel for love specifically or you just so happen to meet someone great while you’re out there exploring the world, keep an open mind. You never know who you might come across.

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