I Want A Big, Life-Changing Love & I Won’t Give Up Until I Get It

When we’re kids, we’re conditioned to wish for big, fairytale love — for Prince Charming to sweep us off our feet and hand us our own happily-ever-afters on a silver platter. Most of us grow up and realize that reality is a little less colorful than those childhood dreams, but not me. I’m still holding out for that big, life-changing love, and I won’t stop until I find it, no matter how many times I get knocked down.

  1. I’m a realist about everything else — let me have this. There are too many things we need to be brought down to earth for in our lives. Our dreams are fenced in by reality. Ask a child what they want to be when they grow up and they’ll say great things like astronaut or ballerina princess. Ask that child the same question 10 years later and reality has already limited their goals to more “realistic” ones. Now they want to have a normal job, one they can achieve. I refuse to let love be tarnished by the world.
  2. I choose to believe in big love. I want to believe in a love that transcends everything. Let me believe in a love that has the two of us in over our heads, our hearts on our sleeves as we dive deeper into our relationship, worried only about the life we’re building together. Let me believe in a love that renders you selfless, laying all you are down for the one you love.
  3. I won’t let anyone spoil it for me, no matter how hard they try. The love I choose to believe in is mine alone and no one other than the one I love will ever know it. If you consider me foolish for preferring to have my head in the clouds on the lookout for love, keep it to yourself. I won’t let a jealous world poison what me and my loved one share.
  4. I’ve had my heart set on love all my life. To love and be loved is an aspiration of mine. It’s what I want, what I’ve always wanted. My heart has been set on falling in love since I was old enough to convince myself I knew what love was. Why should I give that up just because most people don’t share my views or desires?
  5. Love is what keeps me going. In those times when things aren’t turning out as I’d hoped, it’s love that has me persevering. When nothing seems to be working out, it’s love that I trust in, love that I turn to. I measure success by the love I’m able to give and the love I’m able to receive. For me, love conquers all.
  6. I’ve seen it happen so I know it’s out there. I won’t be told that the love I have or the love I want is unattainable. I won’t have it be said to me that the love I’m looking for doesn’t exist because I’ve seen it — the real and beautiful deal. I’ve seen that love in the people around me. I know it’s real, and since others have it, why can’t I?
  7. It’s personal — we’re all entitled to our own feelings. At the end of the day, love is one of those arguments I won’t let you win; it’s a personal thing. If I want to believe in the kind of love that makes my toes curl and my heart melt, then let me. Like religion, I believe that love is unique to everyone and a comfort to all, so let me believe in it in my own way.
  8. I’m stubborn and won’t give up easily. Between you and me, I can be a bit hard-headed sometimes, especially when it’s in relation to something I care about. Love is something I’m passionate about and I’ll defend it with everything I’ve got. I’ll be holding on until my knuckles go white.
  9. It’s out of my control. I really do think that my unwavering belief in the kind of love that lasts centuries isn’t my fault. It’s been imprinted in my mind from when I was a little girl addicted to Disney movies and their happily-ever-afters. I grew to expect so much of love from such a young age, so maybe it’s Disney you should blame.
  10. Love is out of this world. Love is undeniably, indefinably beyond anything in this world. It has the power to unite strangers, the beauty to brighten the darkest hours. So let me have my head in the clouds when it comes to love. After all, what else is love if not a gift from above? When I find it, and I know I will, I’ll know it was all worth it.
Disney and life combined have made a starry eyed dreamer out of me. And I refuse to wake up.

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