Wanting To Find Someone To Share My Life With Doesn’t Make Me Desperate

Just because I take dating seriously and I’m working really hard to find that special connection with someone doesn’t mean I’m desperate for a relationship. It gets pretty tiring as a single woman when people view me as someone who just hops from guy to guy, desperate for something to stick — they’ve got it all wrong. I’m perfectly content with my life as it is, but I’m ready to share it with someone who’s worth it. Why is that so hard to understand?

  1. I’ve mastered the art of being happy on my own. I’ve been single for a long ass time and in that time, I’ve conquered those lonely spells and learned to navigate my life without the support of a guy, which is pretty commendable if you ask me. It’s not unnatural for me to be totally content on my own but still want someone to share my life with — I’m only human.
  2. I have to keep trying if I want a chance of finding the right guy. If I give up and throw in the towel, I’m only robbing myself of opportunities to meet some potentially amazing guys, and I refuse to let life and love pass me by. I’d rather try and fail a thousand times than regret the chances I didn’t take.
  3. I’m doing plenty of other things while I look for love. Dating isn’t my full-time job — there are plenty of other things happening in my life that don’t revolve around finding a relationship. I’m slaying my career goals, I’m taking care of a home and I’m pursuing hobbies and interests that fulfill me. Love isn’t my only goal in life — I have other ambitions, and I’m killing all of them.
  4. It’s not desperation — it’s called determination. Why is being serious about finding life-long companionship considered desperate? I’m looking for love because I want love in my life and I truly believe I will find it. That’s how determined I am. If you want to hike Everest, you need to rise to the challenge. Period.
  5. I don’t give up, and it’s going to make me an amazing girlfriend someday. The fact that I still try even after all the BS I’ve been put through only shows my absolute resilience and strength in forging forward on my journey to find love. Whoever that lucky guy turns out to be, he can take comfort knowing that I’ll weather every storm and I’ll keep believing in him the same way I believe he’s out there.
  6. I know myself completely and I know what I want. There’s something to be said about the fact that I know exactly what I’m looking for in a partner and that I’m willing to stick through the BS to get there. I don’t want a relationship as an accessory in my life, I want one because I know I’m equipped and ready to have one.
  7. Looking for a relationship from a secure place isn’t desperate, it’s grown up. If I was a hot mess of a woman, sure, I’d understand coming across desperate, but I have my act together these days and I’m completely secure in the adult life I’m living. Like I said, it’s completely natural for me to want this at this stage in my life. It means I’ve grown as a person in all the right ways.
  8. I deserve to go after what I want without judgment. I’m sick of being judged on my journey to find love — it’s MY journey to navigate and my life to live as I see fit. Yes, I want a relationship and yes, I’m trying my best to find the right guy to compliment my life. Forgive me for thinking that I deserve that kind of happiness.
  9. I have an amazing life to share and I’m proud of that fact. I’ve worked extremely hard to get to where I’m at in life and while I’m completely content with where I’m at solo, I know that what I have to offer and the life that I’m willing to share is just too wonderful for it to end up a one woman show. I might be working very hard at finding that relationship that’s right for me, but it’s only because I’m pretty damn confident in what I’ve got going for myself.
  10. I know that I’m ready for love. I’ve seen so many people who weren’t truly ready for love, but they landed in it out of luck and worked with what they had — and it’s usually a struggle. I expect that my final relationship and my love story won’t be an easy journey either, but I can honestly say that I’m completely ready for every single step in the path. It’s pretty simple — I’m just ready to share my life with someone.