People Are Making Watering Stations For Bees So They Can Stay Hydrated All Summer Long

When you think of bees, chances are you don’t think of their hydration needs. In fact, I can honestly say that until recently, I never really knew they needed water to drink too, just like all other animals and humans. I guess it makes sense if you think about it – water sustains life, so why wouldn’t they need it? Because it can be tough for bees to find safe drinking water, people have been making bee watering stations to ensure they remain hydrated and they’re kind of amazing.

  1. Bees can’t just get water anywhere. Sure, there are plenty of lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water out there, but those places are usually inhabited by fish, amphibians, and other creatures that might make a light meal of the bees. There’s also the fact that bees can’t really swim very well, so there’s always a chance that they might end up drowning.
  2. DIY bee watering stations are the way to go. In order to help the bees, which help us by pollinating our plants, giving us delicious honey, and keeping the ecosystem in balance, crafty people have decided to put together some DIY watering stations so the bees can stay hydrated all summer long.
  3. It couldn’t be easier to make one of these. Making sure the bees get their water is really easy – you just need a vessel with some water in it that they can drink. However, since they can’t swim, you’ll also need to make sure that there’s a safe place for them to land so they can drink. To achieve this, you might fill a bowl of water with some rocks so that one of them is above the water level. You could also try marbles or another solid surface – get creative!
  4. The bees will certainly thank you for your efforts. They might not actually say the words and you should probably stay back so you don’t get stung (even accidentally), but know in your heart that the bees will be grateful to you for making sure they have something to drink.

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