I Waxed My Vulva—Here’s What You Need To Know

My relationship with my pubes has always been a little bit tricky. I’ve sworn off shaving regularly because it makes me feel more comfortable and my vulva definitely happier. Still, I’m always up for trying new things and I was excited to figure out if waxing was up my street. Here’s my experience.

It didn’t hurt as badly as I thought it would.

Surprisingly, I coped pretty well with the waxing. It definitely helped that I kept myself as relaxed as possible. The strips hurt me the most when I was tensed up and nervous, whereas when I was relaxed, it was a lot less painful. Making sure that you’re not tense and that you continue to breathe when being waxed kept the pain to a minimum.

It’s odd to have someone all up in your vagina in a non-sexual way.

I was waxed by my best friend and it was a little weird to have someone moving my vulva about, but that oddness faded very quickly. Bodies are just bodies and I was focused more on the pain and making sure it went as smoothly as possible than I was on being freaked out.

My vulva was a lot smoother.

I instantly noticed that the skin that had been waxed around my vulva was a lot smoother than it had ever been after I’d shaved. This is because the hair follicle had been completely removed instead of simply chopped off. Not only was it smoother, but it was also way less sensitive and irritated. Score!

There was no stubble rash.

This is probably my absolute favourite discovery about waxing. I hated the stubble rash and ingrown hairs I would face after shaving down there. With waxing, not only was the skin smooth immediately after but even when the hair grew back, the stubble rash was minimum and a lot less irritated. Not having to face the itchiness—and let’s be honest, the unattractiveness—of stubble rash has been a massive plus for me.

It felt a lot more low maintenance.

Not only is waxing surprisingly easy, it was a lot more chilled and less stressful than having to crouch in awkward positions to get all the hairs. Even with the slight bleeding I got in a few areas from the wax, there was none of the worry of nicking myself with a razor and the bleeding was minimum and stopped very quickly.

The hair regrowth has been a lot smoother.

As I said, I’ve barely suffered from stubble rash as a result of the wax and it took weeks before it even kicked in. Similarly, the hair regrowth has been so much slower in comparison to shaving, meaning my vulva has looked smoother, cuter and neater for a much longer period. This has definitely been a plus for me because it means I haven’t had to worry about maintaining it as much as if I was shaving.

I learned some important tips.

It’s vital to do research before you try waxing and make sure you know the basics before you go in and try it out. I was lucky because my best friend had already waxed people before so she knew what she was doing and could tell me what to expect. Having someone else do it for you the first time means you can observe and learn what works for you before trying it out yourself.

It was oddly satisfying.

The skin left behind, while red and a little bit hot to touch, seemed so much smoother that every strip that came off felt incredibly satisfying! When you remember to breathe and keep yourself relaxed, you can watch the strip as it comes off and the before and after is so cool! Waxing will definitely become the newest feature of my self-care routine.

It was a lot easier and quicker than I expected.

I expected it to be a long process with complicated procedures but it really wasn’t! Though it’s not as easy as jumping in the shower and whipping a razor around, it’s still relatively quick. I would recommend maybe carving out some time in the evening the first couple of times (or going to get it done professionally!) just so that you don’t feel rushed or panicked about handling the wax around your nether regions.

It helped that my hairs were slightly longer.

As I tend to let my pubes grow out a little bit, I was a bit worried about how it would affect getting waxed but if anything the longer hair meant that the wax worked better than it would have had I shaved more frequently.

It looked so much neater than shaving.

I didn’t realize it would make such a difference, but I was so much happier with the end result of waxing than I’ve been with shaving. If you make sure to smear a soothing moisturiser (make sure it’s OK for your bikini area first!), it really takes the heat out of the waxed area and leaves your vulva super smooth and trim!

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